Friday, February 24, 2017

Keep on the Sunny Side

It's the middle of February and we're having a heat wave.  Trees budding, plants blooming, and birds chirping to announce spring is here.  Maybe... By this evening our temperature will drop from a near record 80 to mid 30s.  With a change that drastic, storms are inevitable.

From sunny to dreary in a matter of a day.  High to low, no in between.

I know a few people like this. They're either really happy or they're deeply depressed and there doesn't seem to be a middle.  There is no contentedness in the every day.

What I see is that their happiness depends on their circumstances, which can change as quickly and unpredictably as the weather.  As the storms of life appear, their emotions waver.

We have a local radio station that airs for one hour each day during lunch.  At least once in the week, they ask callers to share a complaint, or as they call it, "What's their beef?"  There is no shortage in phone calls.

Turn on the news.  Scan social media.  Spend more than a few minutes with most people and you are sure to hear complaining, whining, or griping.  Negativity is everywhere.

I'm not without blame.  In my house, I probably complain more than anyone else.  Of course, when compared to my two guys - that is a hard act to follow.  It is rare, and normally takes intense physical pain, to see either of them slightly protest or grumble.

But in the big picture and every day, I am more likely to see and announce the silver linings.  There's something deep within that drives me to search for the good of the situation.  Despite the storm clouds looming, I am looking for the rainbow that may appear.

It is what fills me with hope and brings me joy.

Some days it comes easy, others you have to make an effort.  What I've found is that surrounding yourself with more light than dark ensures the difference.

Turn off the news.  Block the negative Nancies online.  Steer clear of sandpaper paper, or kill em' with kindness.  Focus on the good in every day.  Practice self-care.  And remember, positive always defeat negative.

Happiness is fleeting...JOY is everlasting!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love is...

Valentine's Day.
The ultimate opportunity for comparisons and gauging the level of love in one's relationship.

Was the gift big enough?  Did it surprise?  Better than a friend's online or the next desk over?
Did they remember at all?   I'm sure many ended their night either on a high or low from whatever their loved one did or didn't do.

But that isn't love.

Love isn't symbolized by something you buy in a store.  Love isn't meant to only be expressed one day of the year.  Love is everything that the commercialized version of Valentine's Day is not.

Love is buying chocolates the day after because they taste better when half price.  And being frugal is sexy.

Love is flowers, just because, picked from the side of the road on a day you don't expect them.

Love is being content with a simple dinner at home and snuggling in pjs on the couch.

Love is coming home to an empty sink and freshly vacuumed floor after a long day at work.

Love is also hard.

Love is not giving up when things get tough.  Loving them even when they aren't lovable.  Love is forgiveness.

Love is a note tucked under a pillow or written in the fog on the mirror.

Love is letting you warm your feet on them under the covers on a cold night.

Love is lifting the other when they are weak.  Caring for them not only when they are sick but often when they're sad.  Love is being their safe place to fall.

Love is knowing all their flaws or failures and seeing the best parts above them all.  But love is pushing, encouraging and helping them be better too.

Love is saying "I do" every single day.

Love is rare.  Love is a gift.  Love is enough.

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