Monday, December 11, 2017

Speak Kindness

A tongue has no bones but it has the power to break a heart.

I've been appalled lately at how cruel people can be.  Maybe it is ignorance, perhaps they are just rude; but truly, I think most don't realize how hurtful their words are.  At least I'd hope that about adults.

As someone who has been on the receiving end of hurtful words throughout my lifetime, I guess I'm more empathetic or in tune to another's pain.

I've struggled with weight my entire life and some phrases have stuck with me even back from childhood.

"You could be such a pretty girl."
                                                       "lead butt"
              "It's way too big on me maybe you can squeeze in it"
    "Are you sure you can fit in that size?"

So, I know how much words can sting and settle in the soul.

It's especially upsetting though when someone makes fun of something outside of one's control, like a disability.  Someone near and dear to me seems to be attacked as of late for a condition they were born with that worsens with age.  In the past month, I can recall multiple instances where different people made snide or hurtful comments to poke fun of or question their ability.

One this weekend was even more shocking considering the person who commented also has someone in their family with an impairment.

I simply do not understand.  

It breaks my heart each time I see or hear about it happening.  In reflection, I believe people just don't think before they speak.    But they should.

I'm not sure there is anyone who could say they've never been hurt by words.  If everyone would dwell on that feeling and remember it before they said something maybe it could make a difference.  If by chance you stick your foot in your mouth unexpectedly, apologize.  And mean it.

The world could do with a lot more kindness these days...

Here are a few helpful tips from mindbodygreen to speak with love and kindness.
1. Before you speak, THINK. Always ask yourself: Is this True. Is this Helpful? Is this Inspiring? Is this Necessary? Is it Kind?
2. Stop complaining. Complaining has no use. When people experience a problem they seem to complain to everyone other than the person who can resolve the issue. Rather than complain, try to calm down and then go directly to the person who can improve your situation.
3. Don’t mix bad words with bad moods. We have all said something that we regret. This is why you should not mix bad moods with bad words. You can transform your mood but you can’t take back words.
4. Go out of your way to be kind. Always be kind and be polite. It makes you feel good and others feel good as well - it’s as simple as that.
5. Speak only words you wish to have engraved above the doorway to your future. The words you speak reflect who you are. We are not only a result of our thoughts but also of our words and actions.
Sending you love, joy and kindness this season...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day-dreaming Date

For many reasons, my hubby is a keeper.

He's supportive and selfless, funny and kind, loves me unconditionally and is my best friend.  But he got major brownie points yesterday when he accompanied me on a holiday home tour.

I thought it would be a fun date out together but we realized early on that he was about the only man coming and going through the houses unless they were the owners.  He got glances of shock and surprise and a few "man points" by the women we met.

I'm sure he would've rather been in a tree stand but we enjoyed our day touring some beautiful homes decorated for Christmas.  It was interesting to see how others decorate.  I'm always one to browse a person's tree and view all the ornaments if I'm visiting for the holidays.  My trees have a story with every decoration that is hung.

This tree reminded me of my childhood.  Growing up, we always had a giant real tree slathered with handfuls of icicles.  This tree was in the childhood home of Bill Monroe, a legend of bluegrass music.  A sign hanging outdoors noted that the home had so much music played through the years it literally changed the composition of the wood, making it somewhat a living instrument.

Going into each home and experiencing the sights, sounds, and scents of Christmas certainly put us in the holiday mood.  What added to the atmosphere was that we were greeted with a dusting of snow.  At points, it felt like we'd stepped into a Hallmark movie.

Sadly, we didn't capture any photos of one of our favorite houses.  Nestled in the country, a dream cabin with a wrap-around porch, with every nook and cranny filled with holiday spirit.  I think we just got caught up in the beauty of it all. 

However, we did manage to take a selfie on the way out.

Once back to our humble house, I giggled at some of the photos my guy took.

He was most enamored by the "man cave" at one of our last stops.  Honestly, I think the basement was bigger than our home!  Giant gun racks flanked the entrance, at the bottom of the steps.  Leather and stone, a private entrance and a grand fireplace would make any man drool.  Actually, this home ended up being our favorite, as I even had him snap a pic of the kitchen.  A girl can dream...

Though it was exciting to imagine and pretend, back home and snuggled by our small fire in our well-worn chairs, I was thankful and content.  Our walls may not be lavishly adorned but they are covered in sweet memories.  While there is no grand entrance, you'll always enter our house with a warm welcome.  My decorations may not be stylish or new but instead chipped or smudged from little handprints who wanted to help.  The ornaments not color-coordinated but rather a timeline of our live's together.  And I couldn't imagine it any other way.  

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