Monday, April 2, 2018

Simple {Easter} Sunday

Holidays change as kids grow.  Long gone are the days of dressing my boys up in cute Easter rompers and bow ties.  Baskets have evolved from stuffed with toys and furry animals, to pastel grass and candy-filled, to baseball caps stocked with teenage faves.  This year, after Noah mentioning wanting peanut butter, Tim brought home a pack of Reese eggs.  And this morning, because everything is now half off, he put two sacks on the table for our towering guy to later engulf.

Yesterday was our first Easter that Noah didn't accompany us to church.  He worked 12-hour shifts this weekend, at his new job, though we did drive by to say hello after service.  Seeing him in his element, so happy and fulfilled, took away any longing for him to be by our side in the pew (at least a bit!

New joys were having what family attended the sunrise service come back to our house for breakfast.  We lingered over omelet muffins, fruit salad, coffee and other yummy snacks before returning to church for early service. 

We were home before 10 am with the rest of the day free, other than Tim having to sleep in preparation for his night shift. Between our crack-of-dawn alarm and not feeling well, neither of us had any difficulty in taking naps!  Hubby slept much longer, but I welcomed the quiet time it gave me to rest, reflect on the meaning of the day, and cook a small dinner for the three of us. 

The three of us ate at the table, watched a few comedies and retired early. 

To the outside, it might seem we didn't even observe the holiday.  Just a typical Sunday but anything other than simple when I humbly dwell the reason for the day.  Sometimes celebrations aren't festive or elaborate but rather quiet and intimate.  Without all the fanfare it allowed me to pause in worship for the gift that Easter truly is. 

Prayers your Easter was gentle and filled with JOY!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Funnies

Laughter is good medicine and I sure got several doses today. 

In fact, I'm still smiling from the chuckles I've had. Of course, being a Friday makes it good from the start.  Due to the long hours I work, most Fridays are free for me.  And a "free day off" is always sweet.

This morning, Tim and I lingered at the table going through the mail.  Exciting life we live, I know.  Most envelopes were never even opened but when coming across a small bubble wrapped package, I paused.

"Surely not," I chuckled. 

A couple weeks ago I ordered two portable stools, different styles.  For whatever reason, one shipped to the store and one was being mailed.  I figured it would come UPS.  And I'm not sure why I thought a 6x8 envelope would contain my long-awaited chair but I knew it was the only shipment we were expecting. 

As I pulled out the bag, laughter ensued.  Mine in disbelief, Tim's was rolling in the floor at his poor wife's expense.

This was folded in a bag smaller than most tiny umbrellas.  In ordering it, I searched for "heavy duty, portable, stool".  Obviously, I did not pay close attention to the specs on height but it stated that it was "heavy duty" and could hold 225 lbs!

I'm not sure if this is a 225-pound brick.  Or if the person is supposed to stand on one foot?  But I seriously don't understand how they expect a normal behind to fit in/on this thing.  Tim attempted it and, between our snorts and giggles, I wondered how I'd explain to 911 when a tiny stool crashed and entered his rear.  Thankfully, he survived.

But I won't live this down for some time...

Then it was off to my Aunt's to spend time with her, as she turns the big 6-0 tomorrow.  We had plans to see a movie (I Can Only Imagine) but when I arrived she had a little-unexpected guest.  My nephew just turned three and though he loves anything on the TV we opted for a more animated show to hold his attention. 

The movie was cute but what I enjoyed most were his expressions in the experience.  And my aunt's in watching him.  This was his first movie theatre excursion and he was full of questions and curiosity, as any toddler is at this age.

"Where is the big TV?!" he squeaks, looking out both windows as we near the entrance.

"Popcorn! ...Hey, that's mine."

"There's crumbs on the floor," swooping to retrieve.

"That's not very nice," when a gnome knocked another in the head.

But the cutest moment was during the previews.  As he'd never been to a theatre before -and being a toddler, he didn't quite understand the concept of whispering.  After a trailer for the new Grinch movie, he turned to my aunt and stated, "That looks like YOU!"

We snickered on both sides of the cutie, trying to muffle our humor.  We're still unsure if he thinks she is grumpy, green or because she has spiky hair.  I'm sure it was just what she wanted for her birthday! 

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