Monday, May 14, 2018

May Days

Goodness...May is nearly over and I realized there's not been a single joyful post this month!

This season is historically busy but when you have a graduating teen, it certainly adds to the chaos.  My calendar looks like an angry toddler played with an Etch-A-Sketch.

And although there have been many days I don't know if I'm coming or going, May has been full of joys.  However, given the busyness of my schedule, a blog-o-photos will have to do for now.

May means sunshine (and extra doses) so we dusted off the deck and have enjoyed our mornings and evenings there.  Most days Tim gets home just before I leave but we manage to sneak in a mini coffee date, serenaded by the birds.

My baby went to senior prom with his girl.  They had a magical night and allowed me to sneak in a few pics before they left.  This is one of my faves...

That same weekend was my sweet Grandma's 89th birthday.  She was surprised by many guests over the course of several days.  Seeing her smile always brings me joy.

I promise she was happy, we were just standing 
in her way of Cheddar's with all our pics!  tee hee

With all the formal dates on the calendar, Noah and I finally got some "mom & me" time, even if it was to try on dress shirts and pants.  I paid him in sushi after.  He's on the cusp of being all grown up so I soak up every moment with him I can get.  In the end, I know we've done our part to raise him right and the rest is up to him and God.  He sent me this pic last week out of the blue...knowing that he stops to take in the beauty of the day, assures me they've got this.

Like mother, like son.  In more ways than one...
I literally pulled off the side of the road to take in this view.

And Tim captured this over the weekend...

My flowers are starting to bloom, which makes me smile daily.
Tim's working on the boat, with hopes we're floating by Friday.
I've started classes and excited about the potential it has for our future.

Sunday, Mother's Day, was a bittersweet, but beautiful day.
Loved having my momma beside me in church, 
as well as other family who don't normally come.
Tim went out of his way to make me feel special and loved.
Noah cooked an amazing dinner.
And Austin, as always, sent me hugs and hellos.

All in all, May has been overflowing with joys.
Blessed beyond measure.

Here's hoping I can pause to catch up more with you soon!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Joy in Juicing

In my quest for better health, I've removed many foods, or rather toxins, from my life the past year.  For the most part, I haven't felt deprived but rather revived, as I can feel myself healing from the inside out.  The saying is so true - you really are what you eat!

For as many items as I've taken away, it's been a joy finding and trying new foods to delight in.  My pantry contains ingredients that I'd never even heard of a year ago.  Things like dulse, chia seeds, flax, xanthan gum, coconut flour/sugar, and ghee.  And I'm a regular connoisseur of kimchi, fresh cilantro, sriracha, coconut milk/water, and cauliflower rice. 

It's been fun to recreate favorites that were not so healthy with alternative ingredients.  And even better that -for the most part- my guys enjoy the swaps.  Noah regularly requests my buffalo cauliflower casserole; and Tim has learned to love more veggies than mashed potatoes and corn, even if he still turns his nose up at asparagus.  Their support through this transition has really meant the world to me.

Yesterday was another first, with my newest adventure - juicing!  Following the wisdom of Anthony William, also known as the "Medical Medium," I drank my first of many glasses of fresh celery juice. 

From MM, "The more alkaline your body is, the less chance you have of being afflicted by disease. This is because disease thrives off things like mucus and acid.  Celery is a major alkaline food. This means it has an extremely high toxin removal rate.  It purges the body of acid and poisons, and cleanses the liver and bloodstream like nothing else."

Thanks to a fellow health foodie, armed with organic celery and a milk nut bag, I attempted my first batch with a blender.  Youtube makes things look so easy.  Unfortunately, my ancient chopper made more of a salsa-like consistency instead of juice.  As she was upgrading her juicer, I was able to score a deal and get a new-to-me contraption ready to squeeze the liquid gold, err green, right out of those stalks. 

Maybe it was my imagination but I felt a surge of energy and could smell celery the rest of the day.  I can't wait to see how it helps over time. 

Do you juice?  Share your favorite recipe or success story below. 


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