Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Signs of Spring

When it comes to weather predictions, I don't put much faith in a groundhog.  Mr. Furball is too Hollywood for me- and we know there's not much truth-telling in those parts.  Instead, I tend to believe the signs from other critters.  In my opinion, they have much better prediction skills of when it is time to dig out of hibernation and play.

All week I've been serenaded by lovely songbirds from our front trees.  Tim still hasn't heard them, which reminds me that it is time to schedule a hearing test for my hubby.  (How does one do that?) This morning I mentioned the need again for an appointment to hear him say, "what'd you say?" which confirms my suspicion his ears aren't what they used to be.  That's ok, we love each other regardless of our handicaps and hangups!

Since I'm on the road ALL hours of the day and night, I've noticed that lots of other furry friends are scampering around.  Maybe they are enjoying the brief reprieve we've had with winter but I'm holding out hope that spring is right around the corner.

This momma needs sunshine in her life.  

Regardless, the calendar will announce the season in just a little over a month.  With a giant daisy circled around the date, I'm giddy for all things spring.

Today is Valentine's Day.  Most years, we have a "no gift" rule but funny enough we both broke it this morning, with simple and sweet treats.  I put together a snack pack for hubby, he had tulips waiting in my car as I left for work.  The thought of digging in the dirt and planting flowers has me brimming over with JOY.

I'm also ready for...

 green buds on trees 
and signs of life anew.  
flip-flops and painted toes.  
picnics and walks in the park.  
windows open, fresh air.
dusting off the deck.
all things spring!

What are you looking forward to with the new season?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Weather You Like It Or Not

There's potential for another snowstorm this weekend.  Weather forecasts have gone from 18 inches to maybe just rain.  Such is life in Kentucky...

We just dug out from several inches and have endured bone-chilling temps most of January.  But the last weekend of the month smiled down on us with expected sunshine.  60 degrees this time of year is to be celebrated!

With hubby and I both off work Friday, we made the most of it and went backroading.  I wondered as we drove around strip pits and narrow gravel lanes with our sunroof open if people in other states enjoy this pastime.

Exploring is something we've always found joy in doing together. Even if it is familiar paths we've known our whole forever, there is bound to be new things to see.

And though I may be biased, there's nothing prettier than Kentucky landscapes, no matter the season.

Tim is used to me yelling out, "Stop!" as I spy something beautiful to capture.  He will slow down, back up, turn around or drive slowly until just the right spot.  He's such a patient man.  At least where I'm concerned.

He's been off work since the last snow due to hurting his back.  Sitting still is not an activity he enjoys but when your body says stop, you must listen.  Or pay the consequences.  He is learning this, slowly.

Anyway, the sunshine was a nice change to get him outdoors, which is his happy place.  And should the snow return, we'll venture out at least once to capture breathtaking views like these.

Weather, much like life, is unpredictable and nothing you do will stop or change it.
To remain joyful, you just have to learn to find the beauty in whatever comes.

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