Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hug Somebody

We are huggers in my family. Always have been. Hugging is always the last thing we do when leaving each other after a visit.

 Not being able to hug (and visit) family regularly has been one of the hardest transitions of the stay-at-home order.  The last porch visit with my grandmaw seemed so foreign at the end when I got up to leave and felt all the space between us.

Both of my sons are known for their wonderful hugs. Their large frames and long arms wrap you like a warm blanket. They bring you in and you melt into their embrace. Neither were ever shy about giving hugs.  Probably because from the time they could walk that was taught instructions upon leaving family.

Austin was so known for his hugs it was part of his funeral service. And the pastor's last phrase was to go out and "hug somebody" for him.

Noah never outgrew giving hugs, even though his height surpassed me years ago. Even now, he still wants a hug before we leave or go to bed. That's something that I'm blessed to have, especially during this isolation.

 I have his and my husband's daily hug and kiss. My grandson's koala bear snuggles. But I feel for those who have been secluded for so many months without an embrace from someone they love.

 Having a background in childhood development, I know the value and importance of hugging your children daily. There is an immediate oxytocin boost upon a physical embrace. It changes their brain and improves the immune system. 
A hug literally creates happiness.

There's many more scientific reasons why a hug is beneficial to your health, both physically and mentally. And it seems ironic that during such a stressful time and the world the one simple thing we could do is forbidden and considered dangerous.

 While physical touch is not allowed for now there are so many other ways we could hug someone. Perhaps it is a phone call or a letter in the mail. A basket of supplies left on a doorstep. Ignoring a post and not leaving a hurtful opinion. Choosing to see the good in people. Spreading joy, not pain.  

Go out and "hug" somebody today. 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Borrow a cup of sugar?

When is the last time you borrowed something from your neighbor?  Growing up we always had family nearby so it was nothing to run up the hill to an aunt's or across the field to grandma's to get something we needed. We never really borrowed from neighbors that weren’t family though,  that I can recall.

My husband, on the other hand, has lent or borrowed things in our neighborhood many times.  We live in a Cul-de-sac with a friendly group of people who watch over each other's homes/kids but I can’t say that I’ve swapped many cups of sugar.

Even before the pandemic, my cousin and I often swap or borrow things we need.  Having her close by has been a blessing in many ways but probably more so These days. It helps to know that within walking distance there’s someone you can trust and count on.

Especially during this time, when going to the grocery store is an ordeal, we have found each other dropping off, sharing, or swapping things we need. Social distancing always practiced of course.

 I’ve noticed others doing it as well. My husband has bartered or traded for services a few times in the past several weeks. And when he mistakenly bought the wrong type of soil for my plants, a nearby friend and former teacher stated online she would buy it. Of course, when I had my son drop it off, I had no intentions of her doing so.  But she was prepared to pay in the form of homemade bread.

It reminds me of the old days when bartering and trading was a common form of currency. I wonder how it lost its value along the way.

Bartering became popular during the depression because of lack of money. It’s interesting that we are faced with nearly the same dilemma almost a century later.   While there are many things about the pandemic that are difficult or frightening this common courtesy I see as a welcome change.  And I for one will always except fresh baked bread, country eggs, or a good cup of coffee as currency anytime.

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