Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring Fever

The birds have been singing my favorite song this weekend.  You know the one?  Where sunshine dances around and all is happy in the world?

It actually started Thursday or Friday.  I noticed they weren't just chirping but singing.  And in my neck of the woods, that always means spring is near!

I was actually able to open my windows on Saturday morning.  Even the dogs were thrilled, as they lounged on the deck.  Ross kept scooting and flopping to wherever the sun shone brightest, ensuring he was tanning on all sides I guess.

I'm sure the rest of the day was lovely but I spent the majority of it indoors, at a baby shower for my niece.  Thunder awoke us this morning and though it poured for a few hours the rest of the day turned out nice.

The weather has me itching now for spring.  I'm so ready for sunshine, warm but not too hot.  Blue skies, best seen while cruising down country roads.  Bright new flowers, popping through the earth.  Crickets and frogs joining the bird chorus.  Picnics.  Grilling.  Flip Flops.  Oh, my!

Ahhhh, I can hardly wait.

Earlier this morning, after reading our devotions, Tim and I both end up on our weather app.  (like minds, long marriage)  We were eager to see what was in store and joyful to find elevated temps on the forecast.

It was enough to entice me to put away my snowmen.  But somehow that motivation notice didn't get sent to hubby, who never went to the shed to bring down the totes.  Or the news channels, which just put the S-word in my newsfeed.


Oh, well.  If we do get another dusting, I'll live.  Spring will come.  It always does.
And like they say, when life gives you snow...make snowcream!

Whether you have rain, snow, or sun this week - I hope you also have lots and lots of JOY.  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grief doesn't stop from 9-5

I don't often cross-post to the online magazine, Still Standing, which I have the honor of writing for to share our child loss journey.

But this post is important.  This post shares a part of our story I've never discussed before but it one  I know every child loss parent faces.

If you share any of my posts, my prayer would be that you would share this one.  This story needs to be in front of our legislatures and change must happen.

It brings me quite the opposite of joy when I think of another parent having to go through the ordeal I did when returning to work.  It's unnecessary pain in an already unimaginable situation.

Please share this story and also show your support here.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love is in the Air

The other night I caught view of the sweetest thing in my rear view mirror.

Noah and his girlfriend were snuggled together in the back seat.  We were returning home close to midnight, after a few delays and setbacks amid their date night.  They were cold from waiting on us and she was nestled under his arm asleep.  As I glanced back, Noah bent down and gently kissed the top of her head.

My heart melted but I didn't say a word.  It was such a loving gesture.  Even for a mom who isn't normally a fan of teen PDA, especially when one of them is your baby.

When he first started dating we were very strict with the "hangman policy," in that based on age, he would receive certain acceptable zones to show affection to a girl.  More than anything we wanted him to be respectful, both to her and our wishes.

Aside from many conversations about how he should treat someone he dates, my hope is that our marriage and relationship have been a living example.  We've been given a daily opportunity to share lessons in love by how we treat each other.

Certainly we've made mistakes.  But my prayer is the good has outweighed the bad.  And he sees that regardless of our errors we keep on loving.

I hope he sees that love never quits.

Love is praying together

the last slice of pie

laundry done without asking

hidden notes just because

time together doing nothing at all

still holding hands, decades later

sweet surprises

giving your best, even when you're getting their worst

the first cup of coffee


saying 'I love you' without saying a word

foot rubs

a piece of your heart beating in someone else

your best friend

a gift from God

Wishing you the happiest of heart's days!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ride Time

I'm normally the driver in our house.  Partially because I'm more comfortable if we're traveling long distances (or my hubby just really loves to nap) and also because I like to be in control.

Having a teen driver has changed all that.

Now that we have a permit holder, who needs to log hours and is practicing for his license, my new position has been moved into the passenger seat.  And sometimes the backseat.

Being a "backseat driver" is something that comes naturally for me (see the control issues above).  I'll stomp an imaginary brake and hold onto the window if someone driving isn't doing it to suit my fancy.  And will usually make a comment too, especially if it is a family member driving.  As such, I was a little worried at how I would react to Noah at wheel.

I think I've surprised us both.

Maybe it is because he very calm and level-headed at the wheel but I feel comfortable with him.  In the beginning, I was grabbing my side window a bit, until he told me that made him nervous.  I've learned to control my own reflexes and tone of voice, to keep him steady when redirection is needed.

It's been a learning process for both of us but the ride time has been wonderful bonding time.  He is no longer nose deep in a cell phone and I'm on alert to help him watch the crazies on the road.  We've had some great conversations and opportunities for life lessons.

The other day a pickup came barreling out of a gas station so fast he was tail-spinning.  Noah watches, shakes his head and sighs.

"These kids today..." he says.

I chuckle inside at his aged wisdom but am so very proud of him.  He comments how he can't understand why people want to drive recklessly,especially his generation.  Or with a cell phone.

"I'm multi-tasking like 15 things just to keep this car on the road," he states while driving.  "I can't imagine trying to look down at a telephone too!"

Although he is ever-ready to jump in the drivers seat, he has also declined driving in areas he's not yet comfortable to do so, like morning school traffic.

Yes, please keep that mindset, my son.  

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