Monday, December 3, 2012

One. Blessed. Day

Ever had one of those days that was just filled with greatness from start to finish? 
Yesterday was such a day!

I guess my body was in anticipation for it all weekend, as I slept little and busied myself getting the house ready for family.  Nothing makes me happier than cooking and hosting a get-together for those I love. 

The icing on this cupcake of a day was the reason we were gathering.

My niece Tina, who has been with us a little over a year now, was baptized this morning.  We are so proud of her decision and were thrilled to celebrate it with family.  In fact, we took up two rows in church today, having four generations snuggled together in worship.  There just isn't much better of a feeling than having both your church and biological family joined in the same room.
Tina can be somewhat shy and is nervous in front of crowds, but her sweet smile was contagious as she cautiously stepped into the waters.  Her posts on Facebook summed up her feelings before and after her dunk.  Before church she wrote, "This girl is getting baptized today and she is excited!!!" and I noticed practically the moment after she posted, "That was AMAZING!!" 
 ...Hope she didn't take her phone in the baptism with her. 

Because EHBC is just so cool, they even taped it.  You can see it on the YouTube link below. 
I never grow tired of seeing someone baptized.  Goosebumps!

The family joined us at our house afterwards for a smorgasboard of soup and snacks. We spent the afternoon eating, laughing, napping, listening to Christmas songs, laughing, eating and rejoicing. I can only imagine the excitement in Heaven, as I'm sure Austin was at the center of an eternal celebration up there too.

Ignore the napping.  They had fun too!  lol


Anna See said...

What a day! That is wonderful and wonder-filled.

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