Saturday, November 23, 2013

Purpose Driven Acts

This is our week to make a difference.  To remember our son. 

Austin's purpose in this world, without a doubt, was to make a difference to anyone he met.  He'll always be remembered for his kindness to others.  It is because of his caring spirit our Random Acts of Kindness project was born.

November 29 wasn't ever a date I expected to have such significance.  Shortly after Thanksgiving, it was normally such a happy time for our family.  Now, it is a day laced with painful memories of losing our 14 year old son, Austin.  In fact, the entire month seems somewhat like a countdown to that horrible night.

It's almost been five years and what we've learned along the way is to focus on the positive.  Remembering what we're thankful for and how much we're blessed, despite this great loss, is how we've survived. 

For us, it is now more than just a day to honor him...It is a month of Thanksgiving.  In gratitude for the 14 years we had with him, we give back every single day of November.  In some ways small, in some ways big.  They may be "random" but each is done with a very special purpose.

A previous year's post explains it more for those of you who are new.  And here's a recap of the beautiful acts done for Austin one year.  And one of my favorite activities we've made an annual tradition.  So many wonderful stories of how this simple act of helping others helped us heal.... 
(you can search "acts of kindness" on this blog to read even more).

If you'd like to join us in RAK this week, or on November 29, please send us a quick note with your random act.  You can message me below, or even post on his Facebook page here.  Prayers of thanks and blessings in advance for remembering Austin in this way!


Sherri Newman said...

My heart feels for you. We just passed the 3rd year mark of losing our 12 year old son. Its amazing what comes out of tragedy and loss. So glad you have something to bring moments of joy. Sherri

heather blair said...

Bless you and my heart aches for your loss as well. Those anniversaries are tough, feeling one year further from your child. But with each year, more healing comes and more joy is to be found. Finding those moments of joy draws me even closer to him.

Anonymous said...

My son misses him very much. He cried when I brought him one of Austins shirts a couple years ago. My random act of kindness was to leave some money for someone who was struggling financially and the Hartford City tax added to their burden. I left it in an envelope with no info as to where it came from.

heather blair said...

thank you for sharing. Austin was blessed to have some special friends!

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