Friday, June 20, 2014

Faithful Friday: 21 on 21

Twenty one years ago on June 21st, Tim and I said, "I do."

Every anniversary I look back and think about how far we've come and how long we've been together.  In some ways, it seems unreal; but mostly it feels perfectly right.  Like this is how it has always been - and should be.

After so many years, we are comfortable, though our marriage is anything but a boring routine.

Instead, we just fit.

Tim begins my day every morning, as I kiss him goodbye.  His random "I love you" texts bring a smile to me while we're apart.  In the evening, seeing his reflection in the microwave, as he enters the house, settles well within my bones.  When we are together, all is good in the world.  And at night. when we curl and nestle into each other at night's end, I'm in my most favorite place of all.

Twenty one years and he still makes my heart flutter.

To say every year has been rosy would not be true.  Yes, we've had ups and downs just like any couple. We've had storms that would crush many marriages.  And some days we've both been hard to love.

The glue that has held us together has only come from one source...


Even though God hasn't always been priority in our marriage, He has been in the midst of it.  
And even when we haven't been, He has always remained faithful.  
Thankfully, He's granted us a lot of mercy and grace.
Which, to be honest, are the two key ingredients to any successful marriage.

When those two youthful faces joined hands and promised our futures in that small country church, 
neither of us could guess the roads the next 21 years would take us.

Some of those journeys were blessed, some more difficult than we could ever imagine.
Many travels were every day frustrating, most others every day ordinary.

No matter the roads we've ventured, we went them together, with grace, and with God.

Looking forward to 21 more...
and wherever life may take us.


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