Wednesday, October 22, 2014


There's a bucket list in my head every fall.  You know, where it isn't fall until....

The leaves start changing, creating a patchwork quilt, and then begin to drift toward the ground.  
And at least in my mind, I envision scooping them up into a giant pile and jumping in. 

Trust me, it is much more of a "Hallmark moment" in my visions vs reality.  
Should I actually attempt it, it would be more iFunny or AFV.

And it isn't fall until...

All the seasonal food favorites make their debut.
Like the first pot of chili.
The gooey crunch of a caramel apple.
Pumpkin flavored anything.
A mug of hot cocoa.

or until...
My steps are covered with mums and pumpkins.
The fall wreath is hung and other decor.

We've attended at least a handful of fall festivals.
Craft booths.  Food trucks.  Cake walks.  

and until...
We visit the Apple orchards.
Corn mazes.  Apple everything.  Hayrides.

or until....
A few bonfires have been had.
Feet warmed and belly full of laughs, surrounded in a circle of friends.

or until...
My guys take off to the woods to hunt
and me and my girl snuggle in for movies.
Spooky, creepy, sleep with the light on movies.

And as we wind up October, with a little over a week to go.
Halloween is calling to cap off the fall season.

With costumes, trick-or-treating, crockpots of soup and trunks full of candy.
Where I sneak and steal all the dark chocolate.
Jack-o-lanterns glowing.  Pumpkin seeds toasty from the oven.

Then, the fall-la-la-la-la (October) bucket list will be complete!


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