Monday, August 17, 2015

Manic Monday...

I've been rained on.  Stood up.  Ignored.  And made two trips to work this morning back to back.  Yep, that'd be my Monday, folks.

Worst part, I've had this Monday all weekend. As in a nothing-is-happening-like-I've-planned-it day.  On repeat.

Now, I could get really grumpy, stomp around, and have every right to be upset.  But that's just not how I roll.  Well... most days at least!

As my shoes were squishing down the hall, the results from a rainy day of home visits, I had to chuckle.  The song "Manic Monday" was literally streaming in my head and I realized this has been life for the past few days.

Friday was a rare full day off for me, a result of working many late nights.  Though I daydreamed about what I'd do, being woke up at 5:30 from the sound of hammers on the roof wasn't what I envisioned.  This was my alarm clock all weekend.  But with each clang, peck, and knock, I did lift up thankfulness that it was being fixed.  And considering the rain we've had today, the timing was perfect!

Saturday my hubby was up bright and early, not just due to the roofers, but because he'd planned a fishing day with a friend.  I had him packed, fed, and waiting at the table when he got the text.  Cancellation.  Deflated, he made a few attempts at some stand-in buddies but had no luck.  Since my plans for the day had also been altered, I decided it was just meant for us to go together.

We haven't had hardly any fishing time this season since it's been more monsoon than our normal humid Kentucky summer.  And because it was just the two of us, we decided it would be a good time to see if your newest dog would enjoy traveling by boat.  He loves to go "bye-bye" but he was a little unsure of our rocky departure.  Tim had to pick him up and hoist him onto the bow.

After a few minutes of settling into a spot, I glanced down and noticed more water than usual in our well.  Questioning Tim, he turns on the bilge pump but nothing happens.  At this point, the theme song for JAWS is entering my brain and I'm on full blown survival mode, wishing we were on the other side of the river, since that's the side we're parked on, and wondering how many laps it'll take to get all the way back to the truck should we sink.  But on the outside I'm calm and cool as a cucumber, both for my hubby's benefit and for our dog.  I don't want him traumatized on his first voyage!

Long story short, we end our fishing trip and head home, as Tim ventures out for boat supplies to correct the problem.  He said later he was glad I went though because he doubted that two guys would've even realized it, until their ankles were wet and they were going under.

And Sunday continued, in less exciting changes to our plans.  From the boat to last night, I sat in awe of Tim's attitude through it all.  Several years ago, even one of these would've sent us spiraling into a bad mood.  There might've been cussing, or stomping, or throwing.  (I'll be kind and not share which would do what.)

Today, dripping wet from being caught in a downpour, I was grateful my instinct was to sing a happy little tune and find the humor in the moment rather than let it drown my day.

Happiness is dependent on our circumstances, 

JOY is not.


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