Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Morning, Glory

Tomorrow begins the end of summer sleep and the start of an earlier alarm clock.

With a sleepy-headed son who snoozed right through a window installation, I'm not seeing joyful mornings in my future.  I'm determined though to make them as cheerful as possible.

Armed with an array of oils, (including wild orange/peppermint - his favorite wake-up combo) my diffuser is strategically placed and ready to spray.  Because he has a rare night off, I'm planning a family dinner and movie tonight to get us settled before bed.  I'm arranging many snooze alarms on both our phones and may even have to drag out the water gun.

This morning was our second "trial run" before school begins.  The past two days I've woke Noah extra early, hoping to rearrange his internal clock.  Morning one was rocky.  I was hesitant stepping out of bed this morning for fear of the same but then I checked my attitude.

More than anything, I know my outlook will help determine the mood of the house.  If I wake up grumpy and have little patience in stirring him out of bed, he's likely to wake with a snippy attitude.  If I face the day with a smile, I have better odds of getting a chipper "morning, mom" and perhaps even a grin.

And isn't that much like life?

If we face it with a bitter or sour or depressed attitude, that is what we'll get in return.  But if we start our day on a positive note, chances are happier faces will greet you.  I also find that when I end and start my day in prayer, I'm prepared for pretty much anything that comes my way.

Lately, I've been going to bed listening to the Bible.  A few years back I remember reading that Beth Moore sometimes went to bed with her Bible on her face, because she just felt she needed to be that close to the word of God.  As I am a tad on the claustrophobic side, I've discovered my Ipad timer can read me to dreamland.  I've found that my dreams are more pleasant and I've even woke singing songs of worship since doing so.  Now, if I could just set an alarm to read me awake....

Fixing breakfast and walking out the door, I noticed earth is aware of the back to school calendar too.  I'm not sure how it knows we turn the page to August, but like clockwork, my trees are fading ever so slightly and the morning glories have begun to bloom.  These are sure signs that fall is near!

Praying all those who are facing a new school year have joyful mornings and a blessed season, whether you're a momma juggling alarm clocks, supplies and sack lunches, a kiddo adjusting from carefree summer days to a stricter schedule, or the school staff who has to greet them both with a smile.

**Please ignore my "natural" flower bed and the miscellaneous ivy that is growing through my plants.  Whatever one of those green things are I'm allergic to it and my hubby is super-allergic, so we let it be...


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