Thursday, July 29, 2010

The RC Matinee

I'm not sure how I missed this, as we are frequent customers to our local movie theatre (also known as "Sticky Floors"), but I did not know they still did RC matinees.

Last week, I noticed the old sign in their lobby, with duct tape covering dates/locations/etc, and was excited to find there would be one final showing before school started. I began collecting wrappers in anticipation of Thursday.

Nowadays, anything free could bring joy to just about anyone. Nostalgic memories aside, it did bring a smile to my face to watch a current movie and not pay a dime. (Well, I did break down and buy popcorn and a coke because there is an unwritten rule that you can't watch a movie in a theatre without them both!)

When I was younger, I remember going to the RC Matinee. In fact, I can picture myself standing outside in line, clinking with every movement from my bag of RC caps. I don't remember much else about those days, other than it was fun to see a movie and spend the day with my mom.

I guess, in a way, I can recall some movies with mom because we didn't go a lot when I was a child. I grew up in a different time. No instant gratification. Going out to eat was a special treat, not a daily occurrence. Going to the movies, even rarer. I'm sure mom looked forward to the RC Matinee too because it was a way for her to spoil us, without breaking the bank. I grew up appreciating what I was given, probably because I knew how mom struggled. Or maybe I appreciate it more now that I'm a working mom.

One of the movies I can recall seeing in the theatre was 'Bambi'. I remember going with my mom, my Aunt Faye (her sister), and my cousin, Jennye. It was maybe my first "awe moment" at the movies. I can still envision the excitement, the fear, the happiness, and the laughter, from those stand out scenes in my head. I've loved movies ever since!

It doesn't matter to me if I'm surrounded in the darkness at a theatre, sitting in a lawn chair at the drive-in, or snuggled on my couch at home, I greatly enjoy watching movies. It's fun to lose yourself, if only for a couple hours, into whatever story line there is. A movie is always a great mood lifter for me.

What brought me the most joy though yesterday was that I was reliving a bit of my childhood, with my child, and with my mom sitting next to me. It was a step back in time for mom and me, and replayed so many memories for us both. And hopefully, it started a new set of memories for Noah. Maybe, if we're lucky, Sticky Floors will still be around when he is grown and he can continue the tradition with his children.


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