Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pandora's Landscaping

To most, mowing the yard is probably a chore, but to me it is a welcomed activity I look forward to each week. As people drive by, they might wonder why my husband isn't mowing for me. Tim and I actually work on the yard together and it is something we've always done. I mow, he weed eats. (Yes, I got the better job!)

I like the time that mowing gives me to enjoy some of my favorite things. For one, mowing reminds me of Austin and how much he liked to mow, or rather get paid for mowing. Some days I spend just reminiscing about him and remembering the first time I saw him mow on his own.

Mowing also allows me to enjoy nature. I love looking at the flowers, the trees, feeling a cool breeze on the back of my neck, the smell of freshly cut grass, and most of all cloud watching. I've enjoyed cloud watching since I was a child. Even today, having my back on a blanket and eyes toward the beautiful blue sky, is a great way to spend the afternoon. Noah and I often do this together, as we race to see who can invent the most creative cloud picture. Cloud watching on a lawnmower however is not always a good idea...when I start to swerve, I know it is time to do something else.

One of my favorite activities to do while mowing though is listen to Pandora on my IPhone. I love Pandora because you can create the stations YOU want to listen to, based on your favorite artist(s) or song. Anyone who has ever looked through my CD collection has commented on how eclectic it is. There really isn't a form of music I don't like or appreciate. If you pop in a mix CD of mine, you might be surprised to find a selection from the sweet melodies of Patsy Cline, to an old school rap by RUN-DMC, to a hair thrashing tune from the 80s, to a current hit.

I love how music can change a mood, bring back a memory, or frame the perfect moment. And although I wasn't blessed with the vocal skills to have anyone asking for my autograph, I like to belt out my favorite tunes. I don't care who's listening, especially when I'm cocooned in my headphones and partially covered by the sound of the lawnmower.

I'm sure my neighbors get a laugh though when they see me mowing. As Tim will joke, they probably hear me before they see me. They're just lucky the yard needs mowing just once a week, or it would be the "Heather Variety Show" every afternoon!


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