Monday, June 17, 2013

Off to Camp

The kids have spent their first night away at church camp.  As it is a tech free zone, I couldn't text them good night or check in on them this morning.  I'm at the mercy of the random pictures I can stalk online from their leaders, when they have a chance to post any, and the knowledge that I'd have a text if anything other than a good report were necessary.

My wish for them this week is that they soak up not just just the sun and summer fun but that they open their hearts for whatever God has in store. 

As a child, I only remember going away to camp once.  It was with a church just down the street from our house that my sister and I walked to for VBS and a girls' program called Blue Bells.  Honestly most of what I remember about that trip are from the photos taken that week.  I do recall how beautiful the campus was, somewhere near Lexington, because I also remember seeing the castle in the distance for the first time that trip. 

And I remember how freaked out I was to share a shower with a bunch of girls, with only a paper thin curtain between us.  Perhaps I stunk that week because I'm pretty sure I avoided that experience again at all costs.  That reminds me of Noah's first camping excursion involving a dramatic bathroom scene.  He was away at 4H camp and they must've had a similar shower set up.  Of course it probably wasn't as graphic as he portrayed it, once home, but he basically admitted to only using baby wipes and the daily "Polar Plunge" he took at 6 am each day to count for his bathing routine that week.

Like his momma, he's probably not cut out for dorm life.  (future mental note)

Anyway, perhaps it is a phase he has outgrown now.  I did not pack him baby wipes in an effort to push the need for an actual shower.  Between that and the messy games he's signed up for, I think it will be a requirement.  Character building.

What I did pack (or rather sneak) into both his and Tina's bags were tiny notes, a travel tradition I started long ago.  Normally, as I'm leaving for a trip, I'll hide notes around the house so that they'll find them while I'm away.  I arrange it so they'll find them throughout the days I'll be gone but it becomes more of a hide & seek activity from what I've heard.  This time, knowing I couldn't communicate with them until Thursday, I tucked away sweet and funny notes hoping they'll find and know I'm thinking of them. for a day of boat therapy on the lake.  Sure to distract me from missing them too much!


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