Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sweet Summer Saturday

Summertime...when you don't eat lunch until after 4:00 pm in the afternoon!
This came to mind yesterday, when running errands and the kids mentioned they were hungry. 

Life just moves at a slower pace in the summer.

Which also explains why I didn't get around to doing a Faithful Friday post yesterday either.  I'm so not being very faithful this summer.  Sigh...

My mind last night was on getting to Cinema on the Square before dark.  The town next to us was showing a movie outside on the old theatre.  The first theatre I ever remember going to as a kid.  A theatre that inspried one of my very first JOY posts

Though the movie last night was modern, Dispicable Me, there was a sense of nostalgia in the summer air.  It was a great family evening and such a wonderful community idea.  I'm looking forward to some of their other shows this season!

Today was spent at our first yard sale in years.  Normally I just give things away as I'm purging.  Honestly, I was surprised I even had enough to justify a sale but we had a good turnout.  Fun money for Florida!

The best part though was the unexpected end.

Wondering what time to shut down, my cousin glanced in the paper for the average times.  She noticed an ad of someone offering to collect yardsale leftovers for a charity they had, taking clothes and home goods to the needy in eastern Kentucky.  Since we didn't want to pack it back up and I prefer giving items away, it sounded like a wonderful plan. 

An hour or so later the sweetest little retirees showed up in my driveway, banana boxes in hand, ready to take our unwanted items to someone in need.  Such a reminder of how blessed we are.  Just hours a way people will treasure what we have discarded.  Glad to be able to help in this small way!

Showered, aloe applied from the rays that managed to peek through my sunscreen, I'm now snug under a blankie in the cool comfort of my living room.  As the boys snuck away for an afternoon of fishing, Tina and I are going to enjoy girl time with lots of movies and snacks.  Sweet summertime, indeed!


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