Friday, July 4, 2014

Faithful Friday: Freedom

For seven days last week, the kids were soaked in the Gospel.

From youth camp to our mission trip, they were knee deep in devotions and in being the hands of feet of Christ.   I'd like to say that is how we live every single day but the truth is, life often gets in the way.  Which is why I'm thankful for opportunities like these for the kids to fully disconnect -and reconnect to God.

God spoke to both at different points last week and weights were lifted from their young hearts.  One I heard about upon their return from camp, one I was blessed enough to witness.  For both of them, they had breakthroughs and this momma heart was rejoicing...tears included!

Oh, the freedom that comes from knowing our Savior!

And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
(Star Spangled Banner)

Noah, my somewhat stubborn reader, found messages within God's word.  He soaked up the lessons in their group devotions.

Arriving home, he eagerly showed me his Bible, scriptures underlined and his own notes written in the margin.  Above all, he shared an important moment he had while there and a conversation he had with his youth leader.  With misty eyes, we hugged and I sent up prayers of thankfulness for him having this opportunity, for God using camp to reach him, and for Noah having such wonderful role models to lean on.

Going into the mission trip was the perfect bookend for him.  With each ping of the hammer, he was filled with a passion for helping refugees entering our nation.  God ignited a spark within him and I can't wait to see how he'll use him in the future.

For Tina, I was prayerfully concerned about her on our mission trip.  By luck of the draw, she was put into a group without any of our church members.  Worried, she would be too shy and upset to enjoy the weekend, I asked if she wanted me to request a change.  Without pause, she said that God placed her in this group for a reason and she would do it for Him.

And use her, He did!

Tina's group visited a refugee neighborhood and did a Backyard Bible Club.  She was able to hand out shoes and clothes, play with the kids, and even visit a Sikh temple.  It was eye-opening for her!  So many moments touched her and through the lens of her phone camera, she captured some of the best photos from our trip.


But perhaps the photo that speaks the most to us, was the one I quickly snapped of a surprise moment at the end of our day.  As our groups combined to share testimony, mouths dropped when our timid little girl asked for the microphone.

With a brave small voice, she shared her favorite experiences of the day.
She watched God move through her and the lost and it forever changed her.
Later she shared what an urgency she had to tell the story and what freedom came afterwards.

On this day, our nation's birthday,
a day we celebrate our freedoms and independence...
I can't help but feel blessed to know both these kids know the true sense of those words.

One nation under God...
one family filled with His Spirit!


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