Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Ever had a day where you just smile on the inside?
Where...you can't quite say why, but it is just a good-good day?

That's been the case round' here lately.

This afternoon, windows down and radio on high, hair blowin' through the breeze, I looked up at the pale blue sky and fluffy white clouds and smiled at God.  Gratitude for the simpleness, the good, the joy, for no reason other than it was here and I was glad.

I love days like that.  When you've had your share of rainy days, sunshine soothes the soul!

And I'm not talking the yellow ball in the sky here, folks, although it has been amazingly nice for July.
Like uncommonly mild temps for this time of year.  In fact, last night as we were lingering outside on the deck, I had to pull a blanket over my legs.  Crazy to be cold in the middle of summer!

All the worries of the world just melt away here!
It was just so nice to sit outside on a July night and not be dripping in sweat.  Most of the summer, you'll usually find me retreating indoors.  I'm a wimp, I admit it.  My hubby knows I'm usually only interested in fishing at the start and end of the season.  Because this chick just doesn't do sweaty.  It doesn't agree with my personality.  So to find autumn-like weather in what should be sweltering summer puts this girl in a pretty good mood.

But it's not the weather that has me smiling.

It's the plateau.

Life is full of valleys and mountains.  Peaks and lows.  Although I do rather enjoy the highs, I'm even more content when there is a lull.  No excitement, no flash.  I'll take good ole' routine any day.

Here's a few of my favorite simple moments this month that have brought me joy...

Black Cherry and Chocolate snow cones.  Yum!

Austin's memorial tree has bloomed beautifully for his birthday month.

The kids have actually been requesting "tech free" and asked to play games instead.  Love!

And we welcomed a new fur baby into our home.
Meet Dewey "Roscoe" Blair.  He's so happy he smiles!


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