Friday, May 29, 2015

Who's Driving the Bus?

Who's following you?  

And I don't mean in social media.

The truly important ones watching you aren't followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook.  (Welcome though!)

Instead, they are those real life connections who look to you as an example for inspiration and hope.

Often, I'm surprised who that includes.

The past couple of months have been especially rocky for us in a specific area.  There have been times this joy-gal has been especially discouraged.  Days I just wanted to throw in the towel.  Moments I thought about giving up.

Over and over again God has whispered and showered me with reminders of others riding on my bus.

If I get lost, what happens to those following me?

Think about it.  Who is watching you?  Your children?  Neighbors?  Co-workers?  Friends?  What difficulty have you survived or endured?  Did you handle it with some grace?  Did it draw you closer to God?  Did it change your outlook on life?  Someone is holding on to how you coped and using it for encouragement for their own trials.

Maybe that knowledge can seem overwhelming, a hefty responsibility; but to me it was an uplifting reminder that it is not about me!

Our role as Christians is to lift each other up, to pray for one another, and to keep our eye on the prize.  When it feels like you're losing your way, turn to the One for direction.

Don't be discouraged.
Never forget others are following us and finding hope along our journey.
And remember you can't get lost with Jesus as your co-pilot, 
no matter how rocky the road!

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