Saturday, May 30, 2015

Working the Weekend

Somewhere, over the past couple months, my 15 year old decided he wants a job for the summer.  Perhaps it was a reminder of boredom from last year or the dreaded chore chart mom created.  Truly, he's just always enjoyed working - or rather making money!

Noah's mowed yards for several years, but summer sweat equity is difficult and undependable.  Not yet driving, he's limited to our neighborhood and the need varies each year.  Plus, mowing is not his passion.

When he set out to putting in applications, I secretly worried about his disappointment, given his age, but I prayed he'd find something.  He never hesitated though.  Honestly, I don't think age has ever been a factor for him.  If we wants something, he goes for it.  And that makes me a very proud mom.

Noah's passion, from the time he could climb up to the kitchen counter, has been cooking.  While I assumed whatever job he found would involve food, I expected it to be of the fast version.  Yet God had other plans a huge blessing in store for him.

He ended up securing a job a local pizza place that's walking distance from our home.  At first, he figured he'd be taking orders, bussing tables, or washing dishes. And he was fine with that - it was work.  What thrilled him was learning he'd be able to help in the kitchen!

On his first night, we'd planned to give him distance, not wanting to embarrass him with overly excited parents lurking in the background.  But a text came in from him begging us to come down, ironically after we'd already eaten.  A true salesman, he gives us the pitch about how good the cookies are, so we try a couple.  And then asks if we'd like some bread sticks, the station he was working at that night.  Although we were full, we couldn't say no.

My little chef is all grown up.  Insert heart tears!

And even though already stuffed, we gobbled down each yummy morsel.  My boy knows his way around some dough!

It's been such a joy to watch him from a distance, as I wait in the car for his shift to end.  I can sneak views of him sweeping the floor, taking out the trash, and chatting with co-workers.  He's loving every minute of it.  

Yesterday, I asked what he liked best about his job and instantly he said, "Just working."  How lucky he is to be in a job that matches his passion at such a young age.  I pray that trend continues throughout his life.

He's been there long enough now to earn his first paycheck, which he proudly presented to me last night in the parking lot.  

"Did you know taxes took part of my check, Mom?  What's up with that!"

...Welcome to the real world, son.  Welcome.


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