Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ABCs of Me

Because sometimes a silly, fun post is all this momma has the energy to dispense!  I'm a sucker for surveys of any kind.

P.S.  I'd love to know some of your ABCs too.

Borrowed from a friend at An Inch of Gray.

A:  Age 39 (yes, really. not again...yet)
B:  Books on my nightstand - Experiencing God workbook, Love Dare for Parents Devotion
C:  Cloud watching.  One of my favorite pastimes on a beautiful day.
D:  Depeche Mode - cool band name and one I claimed to like as a teen just because it was fun to say
E:  Eggs are my favorite breakfast food.  Scrambled.  With tomatoes.
F:  Fears -losing someone I love, living it now.  And snakes.
G:  Grief is a journey unique as the person mourned
H:  HANDS is a home visiting support program to help parents and boost early childhood development.  And what I do for a living now.
I:   Inspiration - Austin.  He lived a lifetime in his 14 years and made a difference wherever he went.
J:   Jesus is the only answer for how I make it through this thing called life
K:  Kissing my hubby is how we always say goodbye
L:  Listening to the ocean waves is an instant soul soother for me.  How I miss the beach!
M: Mountains are also my friend.  But only to look at, not to climb
(literally or figuratively)
N:  Noah - my baby.  my source of laughter.  my mini me (though he's a foot taller)
O:  Oils - essential, that is, are part of my daily ritual and I'm continually amazed at their power
P:   Picky eater?  I am not.  I'll try (almost) anything once.
Q:  Q-tips.  I don't use them for my ears but our house goes through them like crazy for some reason
R:  Reading is something I love that I wish I did more of
S:  Snacks - V8, tomatoes or bell peppers, rice balls, chips and salsa
T:  Trust - difficult for me.  Especially if you've broken it repeatedly.
U:  Underwear - I'm very picky.  Although my drawer is overflowing, I only have a select few I like.
V:  Verse - Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.
1 Thessalonians 5
W:  Wedding - Just celebrated year 22, where did the time go?
X:   X-rays have been a part of my life this month.  Stairs are not my friend.
Y:   Yellow is a color that makes me happy.
Z:   Zippers.  I avoid them on pants at all costs


Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

:) I enjoyed reading your list and I'm with you on the zipper-less pants!

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