Saturday, June 6, 2015


I grew up with the influence of two strong aunts in my life, the sisters of both my parents.  Though very different ladies, what the two have always shared in common is a love for me that only an aunt can give.

In fact, they both have specific ways they tell me.

Love you Big.  

This aunt gave me a best friend, her daughter.  So many of my memories of her, growing up, involve my cousin.  And that she forced me to eat mashed potatoes.  (inside family joke)  As a kid, I always wondered if they switched us at birth because I look more like my aunt than my mom.  We even walk the same.  ...Ok, we wobble.  As an adult, I've shared vacations, recipes, and laughs with her.  She texts to check on me and I can count on regular emails of virtual hugs, nearby deals, or the latest small town news.  I know she's just down the street and a phone call away if I ever needed anything.


I'm the daughter this aunt never had.  But we were also like sisters.  And friends.  Ours is and was a unique relationship.  She's the cool aunt that let me sit on the other side of church and color with Snoopy pencils.  And gave me a love for playing instruments and art.  When she was diagnosed with cancer, I sobbed in the parking lot of my office after hearing the news, fearful she'd be taken from me.  During her surgery I wrote on the dry erase board in her room, "Love you more than you know" and LYMTUK was born.  Now she's the cool aunt who tries to text but confuses me so much I have to call.  Who never fails to make me laugh and always has my back.

Oh, the stories I could write about them.

As I tucked my little niece in last night from our sleepover, those special aunt memories from childhood came to mind.  Such a blessing to have them both.

They are the examples of the type of aunt I always wanted to be - that I hope I am.  One who lets you have fun but teaches you responsibility.  One who teaches you life lessons.  One who supports you, prays for you, wants the best for you.

What I know now as an aunt is the joy they can bring into your life.  It's not just about what I give them but what they share with me.

Last night's sleepover with me was long over due with this little below.  She's growing so fast and as I watch her blossom, I see much of my baby sister in her.  Bryanna is almost eight and almost never out of wit and sarcasm.  She's smart and sassy, funny and tenderhearted.

She enjoyed being queen of the castle last night, as is the rule when staying with Aunt Heather.  We chatted and giggled, colored, watched movies, had a bubble bath, played games, and stayed up past her bedtime.  And she ate!  It's a good thing this aunt likes to cook because I was a short order chef at her beckon call.  As I tucked her in, she was already asking about breakfast.  Which by the way will probably occur very soon, since I hear her tiptoeing in the next room.

Who knows what's in store for our Saturday.  But I'm sure going to soak up every special morsel!


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