Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Saturday of Service

What an amazing gift to be a part of God's plan and see it through from the first seed to fruition!

Our church conducted our first Operation Inasmuch this past weekend, a local feet-on-the-ground mission trip.  We literally served in the backyard and surrounding neighborhoods from our campus.

Here's a quick video that gives a snapshot of what the day was like.  So good!

When a small group from our church sent a mission team to a similar project in Nashville last summer, we had no idea what God would have in store for us.  Looking back, I can see this past weekend was His plan all along!

Our family was deeply impacted in Nashville, having our eyes opened to the refugees that live two short hours from us.  Coming home, we realized that we could duplicate a mission of service here.

I began praying for direction of exactly how our church would be on mission in our own backyard.  A few weeks later a small postcard showed up in my mailbox.  It was a call to action to learn more about Operation Inasmuch.  And from that God's plan was born.

It was an honor to watch the progress from prayerful planning stages to final details.

Saturday, sitting in the circle of an army of volunteers I had to choke back tears.  I flitted about to various projects, taking photos, but mostly soaking up the view of watching His hands and feet in action.  From prayer walks, to lunch preparations, to nursing home visits, to chats with individuals awaiting free oil changes, they were all precious sights to see.  And even better was watching our teens roll up their sleeves and take part.  Both were eager and excited to serve.

Over 100 volunteers, countless lives touched, and a church on fire for missions.  What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

If you would like to learn more about Operation Inasmuch just click the link!  

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