Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sweet, Sweet September

My favorite season arrived this week!  I'm giddy with anticipation for all things fall.  Truly, I can barely contain my excitement for mums, pumpkins, leaves, bonfires, and caramel apples.

The scenery must be eager to begin too, as it seems to have come bursting forth.

The end of September is such a glorious month to be outdoors.

I've had to pull over more times than I can count and received a few strange looks,
 as I'm breaking out my phone to capture God's beauty.

The other day I was in a scenery competition with my sister on who had the better view to work.  
I'm not giving you hers to compare, but let's just face it, these are pretty sweet scenes...

While it's been a busy week, stopping to soak up the golden sunshine has been so joyful.  
Much has happened in the past seven days 
and I haven't even had time to update my bloggy pals!

Last weekend I saw my baby all grown up in handsome suit,
 as he took his girl to the Homecoming dance.

And I celebrated the start of the season waaaaay up in the sky on a chair lift.  

I was hesitant to go and it took me waiting until almost the last moment.
But it was so worth it in the end and I'm glad I made the leap!

I was even brave enough to pose for a selfie.
(Although I chickened out on the alpine slide with the rest of the fam.)

Get out there an ENJOY the season!


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