Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring Fever

The birds have been singing my favorite song this weekend.  You know the one?  Where sunshine dances around and all is happy in the world?

It actually started Thursday or Friday.  I noticed they weren't just chirping but singing.  And in my neck of the woods, that always means spring is near!

I was actually able to open my windows on Saturday morning.  Even the dogs were thrilled, as they lounged on the deck.  Ross kept scooting and flopping to wherever the sun shone brightest, ensuring he was tanning on all sides I guess.

I'm sure the rest of the day was lovely but I spent the majority of it indoors, at a baby shower for my niece.  Thunder awoke us this morning and though it poured for a few hours the rest of the day turned out nice.

The weather has me itching now for spring.  I'm so ready for sunshine, warm but not too hot.  Blue skies, best seen while cruising down country roads.  Bright new flowers, popping through the earth.  Crickets and frogs joining the bird chorus.  Picnics.  Grilling.  Flip Flops.  Oh, my!

Ahhhh, I can hardly wait.

Earlier this morning, after reading our devotions, Tim and I both end up on our weather app.  (like minds, long marriage)  We were eager to see what was in store and joyful to find elevated temps on the forecast.

It was enough to entice me to put away my snowmen.  But somehow that motivation notice didn't get sent to hubby, who never went to the shed to bring down the totes.  Or the news channels, which just put the S-word in my newsfeed.


Oh, well.  If we do get another dusting, I'll live.  Spring will come.  It always does.
And like they say, when life gives you snow...make snowcream!

Whether you have rain, snow, or sun this week - I hope you also have lots and lots of JOY.  


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