Thursday, March 31, 2016

Essential Cleaning

I don't know where the tradition of spring cleaning came to be but it's one I've always followed.  Driving around the other day, it seemed everyone was in the mood to dust off winter and bring in the sunshine.

Not having the luxury of a padded vacation package anymore, I don't have a week to spend working on it though.  ( spring break begins this weekend!)  Now I just do it in spurts and thankfully my hubby helps!  Last week, without me even hinting, I came home to freshly laundered curtains throughout the house.  ...He's a keeper!

Last year, around spring break, we were knee deep in ripping up our 15 year old carpet.  No major projects this year but I am bringing out the essential oils to clean again.  Many of the recipes I made last season I've continued to keep out all year long because they worked so well.  It's enabled me to replace all the toxins my old cleaning supplies contained for more natural choices.  And they're cheaper too!

This past week I did a virtual workshop sharing many of the cleaning tips and recipes.  It was such a hit I thought I'd post some of them for my joyful readers too.

Here's one I created and used to freshen the floors while waiting for the new carpet.  It's continued to be a staple to freshen up the living room but I've also sprinkled it in the bottom of the trash can and in our cars before vacuuming.

Another economical switch I made was swapping out fabric softener for this recipe.  The vinegar removes any stinky smell and softens the clothes, 
all that is left behind is the lovely scent of essential oils.  

Maybe it is the extra sunshine or the cool breeze coming in but I actually enjoying cleaning windows this time of year.  And the scent of peppermint energizes me for whatever else I need to tackle!

And my favorite recipe using essential oils are these wipes.  I use them daily!

If you don't have essential oils, I would highly recommend doTERRA.  It is what I chose for my family after months of researching the many options out there.  If you're not sure how to get started, send me a message or visit my site at


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