Monday, April 4, 2016

Spontaneous JOY

I'm a pretty structured gal.  Some might say I waiver with OCD at times.  Truly, I have just always been an organized person.  Being a busy wife, mom, woman adds to the need for knowing what I'm doing weeks in advance.

It isn't that I don't like surprises or being spontaneous, I just always have a backup plan in case I find myself with extra time.  Which is something I've been adjusting to lately, as my husband works the night shift and my teenage working son is rarely home.

I've never had so much "alone" time in my life.

Being an introvert, it is something I enjoy.  But being a family-centered momma, it is also something that feels unusual at times.

My plans this past weekend were to continue my spring cleaning and the dreaded winter to spring closet swap.  While I did tackle tidying up my home office and organizing cabinets, the closet was not touched.  There just wasn't time for all the impromptu family time I had.

Saturday morning, a quick trip to the store ended up seeing my son and me on the backroads, sipping on 1/2 price milkshakes and enjoying the scenery.  Oh, how I love and relish these moments with him.

It was so nice out, I would've suggested we get out and explore, had I not still been in my pjs!  I hadn't bothered to change because I expected to return right home to cleaning, so I was extra prayerful my student at the wheel was cautious and safe.  Once back, I began to dye my hair (our original reason for the outing!).

Because I wasn't properly clothed, I let Noah run in and purchase the dye.  He picked a dark shade that had a purple hue.  Though I was a little hesitant, color rarely takes in my dark hair so I went for it.  When I noticed how grape colored my gloves were at the end, I began to panic a bit.  In the end, there is just a glimmer of purple, especially when the light hits, it but I kinda like it.

After all, this is the year of 40 and fabulous!

My mom called inviting me up for dinner that night, and since I was home alone (and because my great-nephew would also be there) I jumped in the car and drove down to see them.  Even changed out of my pjs!  ;)

Yesterday we attended one and a half church services.  I joked with the pastor it was because his message was good but really it was because Tim had to work Saturday night; and we knew he wouldn't stay awake for our normal late service.  As it was, I was nudging and poking him through it. I can't say much, Noah and I struggled as well.  Not that the message wasn't engaging, 8 am just seems so much earlier on a weekend!  But after dropping him home to sleep and going to breakfast, we came back for the beginning of our last service to see our great-nephew's dedication.  It's called our "Lion King" moment at church, complete with jungle music and all.

I caught this precious pic of Noah praying while holding sweet Isaiah.  And then the tears hit...most of the women in our pew.  We were already misty, thinking of the trials this little guy had to come into this world.  (God has certainly been restoring our family one piece at a time!)  Mom mentioned Austin, we looked back at the clock and noticed it was 11:23.  That's all it took - and my "nobody cries alone" policy.   Noah never did understand the tears but we definitely felt Austin smiling down on us.

That would've summed up a pretty awesome weekend but it didn't end there.  After church, I dropped Noah at a friend's house and went home to snuggle up to my hubby for a nap.  Two hours later I hear voices in my living room.  I was pretty sure it was my mom but my bladder wouldn't wait for me to check it out.  Tim joked about our safety as I was tinkling.  I pee on myself for nobody!

Turns out it was my mom and my aunt, needing help with their tablets.  Technology and seniors... their sidebars were hilarious.  Really, they should take their show on their road.  It took me minutes to fix the issues but they lingered for a nice visit.  As I began to think of plans for dinner, we received an invite from my niece for chili.

So, our Sunday evening plans changed to being packed into their cozy little house, with steaming bowls of soup and sweet baby kisses, surrounded by family and laughter.  It was the icing on the cake of our weekend...(oh, we had that too, and it was delicious!)


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