Friday, June 17, 2016

Fridays with Mom

Who doesn't love a Friday?  One of the best days of the week, Fridays are especially my favorite this summer.

I normally need to flex off on Friday, or work only a couple hours, so the bonus of this particular day is that it gives me free time. With Noah out of school, we've taken advantage of these hours to spend it together.

Between my weekly Bible study with friends and the start of his night shift, it gives us a lunch window and enough time to get out and explore.

With our crazy schedules and a mom who speaks quality time as her love language, any moments spent with family is precious.  But I've been extra grateful for this time with Noah.

He grows and changes daily, despite how much I try to press the invisible brakes of his childhood.  When we're out in the car and I'm watching him drive, I often do a double-take because where my baby used to I now see a man.

Soon, he'll have his license and not need mom in the driver's seat so I am soaking up each of our summer road trips, no matter how short they may be.

Lunch is always on our agenda, whether it be sushi, a picnic, or an impromptu meal at Grandma's.  Around our meal, we enjoy the scenery on back roads, while listening to whatever music playlist he's created.

Yes, I'm a cool momma who lets him crank up whatever he likes.  He shares my eclectic taste and it is fun listening to what he's dug up since our last outing.  Not keeping score but he has commented about how dad makes him change the tunes! (tee hee)

More than anything we share loads of laughs.  Side-splitting, silly for no reason, belly laughs.  I love to watch him smile.  There's no better feeling than seeing your child experience joy.

 And I'm glad, for now, he chooses to share some joy with mom on Friday afternoons.


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