Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Best Coffee Shop in Town

I enjoy the occasional speciality coffee, though I have to admit I'm not a fan of the price tag they come with. My favorite coffee however can only be found at one location. It's an exclusive little coffee shop in downtown Beaver Dam. There's no charge for refills, each cup is served with love, and on beautiful days you can even drink it outdoors.

Tim and I are not heavy coffee drinkers but we do drink a cup or two nearly every morning. Whoever gets up first will start the pot. Most of the time, we pour two coffee cups to go, grab a quick kiss, and rush out the door to start our days. The weekends though are a little different and allow us to linger lazily and watch the world wake up together.

If the weather isn't cooperating, we might stay snuggled in the bed and have our coffee with the news. Or, we might break out a game of Sequence at the kitchen table. Some days, coffee might include fresh banana bread or some other tasty treat. Our favorite way to have our coffee though is on the back deck.

I love our little private dining area. We've worked hard on our backyard and it has come a long way from where it was eight years ago when we purchased the house. Tim built the deck, and the fence that surrounds it, and it has become an extra room in our home - our favorite.

Mornings on the deck allow us to share coffee while watching the birds have their breakfast. Sometimes we're serenaded by their singing and the soft trickle of our water fountain. Other times we turn on the outside speakers and listen to the radio. With the sun slowing stretching in front of us, we talk about our plans for the day while watching it rise. It is the best way to start a day!

Sadly, the weather hasn't been very friendly this year. Winter seemed to jump directly into summer and most mornings the deck is too hot for our bare feet or wimpy bodies to enjoy. Today though was unusually foggy and cool, especially for the first day of August. As I let our dog Patch out for his morning bathroom break, a big smile came upon my face and I quickly headed to the kitchen. ...The best little coffee shop in town was open for business!


Bob Coons said...

Although I "hang out" at places like Panera, Starbucks, Beyond the Brim (before they closed), and The Creme, my FAVORITE place IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD to enjoy a few cups of coffee is on our back porch in the company of my wife. A few weeks ago we sat there spellbound (and holding our breath lest we make a startling sound) while a doe leisurely strolled by. Wow!

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