Friday, April 6, 2012

Faithful Friday: Spiritual Serenity

"Be still. And know that I am God."

Those words echoed frequently while on our camping trip in the woods this past week. Each morning, as the birds began their singing, sending their melodies back and forth as if in multiple duets, I heard "Be Still."

As the sun stretched across the skies,
reaching it's way to the tree tops, it shouted,
"Be Still."

The living oil painting, which danced across the lake,
changing with the wind or hour, whispered,
"Be Still."

The dramatic contrast between last year's decaying leaves
on the forest floor below the vibrant green life above, spoke... 
"And know that I am God."

It's hard to ignore God when you're surrounded by all his beauty and every day distractions are gone. When life is simple, relaxed and worry free.

But the spiritual peace that arrives from truly being still with God comes from so much more. That serenity can only be found in closeness with Him, in the knowledge of what a relationship with Him can do. For me, I'm reminded to Be Still when faced with devastation, tragedy or sorrow. I'm reminded to remember that He is God when I can't fix whatever problem I'm faced with in life.

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to Be Still and Know God. When I reflect on the sacrifice he gave for ME, I am in awe. It's impossible to be anytning but still. When I pause to remember and realize the wonder and miracle of what Sunday morning represents, I am so overjoyed that I do KNOW God. My hope is that you know Him too.

Wishing you all the blessings this season and Easter can bring to you and your family....


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