Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Break Fun

Being on vacation this week will either mean one of two things.  This may be my only post...or, I may get the urge to write way more than normal.  I'm leaning toward the first.

This week's fall break is all about living in the moment

Enjoying each day as it comes.  Making memories.  Savoring fall.  And most of all, spending as much time as humanly possible with the family. 

The kids started out the weekend by bringing back Culdesac Camping.  Tim's still-recovering back allowed them full reign of the portable tent.  They snuck out snacks and gadgets and we smiled hearing them giggle and chat through the night.

Yesterday, as Tina went to stay with her sister, Noah deemed it "Mom & Me day."  As usual on these adventures, he gets to take the wheel, directing our activities.  Actually he really wanted to take that literally, as he begged to drive out of the subdivision!  I quickly distracted him with the mention of Island Burgers. 

Life had put a damper of my end of summer plans and we never did manage to make a family trip to the middle of nowhere for burgers, shakes, and cheeseballs.  The thought of that meaty-melty-cheesy goodness put him in a bit of food coma and we were soon on the road. 

The weather, sky, and fall foliage were in beautiful harmony as we made the drive.  We soaked in the burnt orange fields under a picturesque blue sky, marveled at the muted patchwork among the trees, and chuckled at the seasonal decor along the way.

Caloric containers in hand, we headed to an empty ballpark, and with windows down, enjoyed the car inside and out.  Noah ran bases and scored an imaginary homerun, we had a trash basketball game and we laughed until our sides hurt. 

On the drive home we stopped at a roadside pumpkin patch.  I'm happy to report I found my mini gourds to fill up our window boxes.  Noah searched out the biggest pumpkin possible and had it loaded into the trunk before I had time to think how we'd get it out once home. 

The rest of our Monday was spent in PJs...vegging on the couch, cuddled together, spooky movie marathon, amazing, memorable, blessed "mom and me" time!


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