Thursday, July 4, 2013

Faithful Friday: Freedom

The "4th of July" embodies Americana. 

Watermelons and Sparklers.  Families and BBQ.  Fireworks and Patriotic Flags.  Freedom.

In this family, the holiday also means hot potato salad and my momma's birthday. 
And all the other red, white, and blue festivities that go with it.

This 4th in particular has me pondering a lot on freedom.

Tim worked a wreck involving the military most of Wednesday evening.  Due to a vehicle malfunction, a caravan of soldiers found one of their own trapped inside, after rolling from the wreck.  It was serious enough that the parkway was shut down for several hours.  As people grumbled and complained being stalled in traffic, those who fight for us were fighting for their lives.

The soldiers had just left lunch, headed home, ready for a holiday leave.  Time with friends and family.  Time to celebrate.  Risking their lives for our country's freedom, I'm sure none of them guessed how this day would end.  Especially the three young men taken to nearby hospitals.  One is in critical condition on this Independence day.

What's true about this life, this world, even here in the good ole' USA, is that nothing is forever.  Everything changes.  Things aren't guaranteed.  And in this life bad things happen to good people.  Every single day.

But the freedom that God provides is never ending.  The freedom that we can take our broken and be restored.  Every single time.  Blessed as we are in this land of the free, His freedom is given to all.

So on this day after our nation's birthday, I'm celebrating both worlds.  Happy to stand here and now in the home of the brave.  Grateful for the freedom of knowing where my forever home will be.

In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free.  Psalm 118:5

*Note- I've learned today that the solider mentioned above is paralyzed from injuries sustained in the wreck.  Please hold him and his family in your prayers.

*2015 update:


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