Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mom and Me...and the Sea

Ok, I know I promised not to go on and on about our trip.  Seriously, this is my last post. 
Pinkie Promise. ....I think!

Growing up, we really didn't go on many vacations.  My step-dad worked construction so summer was his prime season.  Many weeks he worked seven days straight from sun up to sun down.  It didn't give much opportunity for travel.  Our summer fun included short day trips, such as to the zoo, or swimming in the river, family cookouts or mudding.

Having such special memories with my kids and our vacations though, made me appreciate this trip with mom even more.  I treasured our time together.  I soaked up the moments she spent with Noah and Tina.  They loved their exclusive Mamaw time.

And I tucked away her smiles at experiencing firsts in Florida.

Her silver hair sparkled in the sun.  The sea was good for her.  Laughter filled the air. 
I could feel her letting go and relaxing, enjoying the warm weather and family time.

She joined me in semi-adventurous eating (never would try oysters!) but she was excited to eat at new restaurants and was always the first to share anything on her plate.  She's so selfless, one of the traits I admire most about her. 

The night the girls gave us manicures, she didn't hesitate in offering her newly purchased sea scrub she'd paid a pretty penny for at Hemingway's.

It was also wonderful to see Mom and her sister, Faye, spending quality time together.  We would catch them hugging or smiling to each other, commenting on the good times, and you could just feel their joy in having the memories of this trip.  And, of course, with two mamaws, we had GOOOOD food at home for many meals.  Biscuits & Gravy.  Fried Potatoes.  Beans & Cornbread.  Chicken & Dumplins.  Yum!

She was even Mamaw to the other kiddos on the trip.  Hayden went through the house looking for her one afternoon and asked us, "Where's that gray haired Mamaw?  Not my Mamaw but the other Mamaw?"

Such a blessing that she came with us on our trip. 

 I think she brought so much to many of us and we'll have extra special memories because of her.

I know I'm so very grateful for the one on one time I had with my Mom,
in such a beautiful setting as the sea. 
Vacation Blessings, indeed!


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