Friday, July 26, 2013

Faithful Friday: Never Complain

As were most of our days in Florida, last Friday morning stretched into the late hours and breakfast turned to brunch.  It was our last full day and, while we wanted to soak up all the day had to offer, we were tired.  In a way, I think, we lingered hoping if nobody moved time would stand still.

By the time we made it to Ft Pickens it was the afternoon and cloudy skies became our backdrop to the breathtaking scenery.

Raindrops spattered on my face and arm, as I was determined to keep the window down and take in the sounds of the sea and the peacefulness that surrounded us.  I was thankful for the 10 mile speed limit so we could leisurely stroll the beach. 

As we turned the corner and Ft. Pickens came into view, Tim and Noah's excitement grew.  Noah was already chattering about exploring the tunnels and seeing the aged cannons.  No sooner than the car came to a rest in the parking lot, he was out and off to see the sights.  Tim wasn't far behind.

With an effortless gait, Noah easily climbed the steps of the ruins,
putting him on one of the highest peaks so he could see the full scope of the landmarks.

An afternoon of exploring, followed by fishing on the pier,
and our last dinner on the beach.
Those were the plans we had...
How quickly life can change.

In an instant the sounds of laughter and excitement turned to concern and cries.
I found my strong boy crumpled on the ground biting back tears, his dad attempting to pick up his full weight without hurting him more. 

Tears soon began to flow, the discomfort too much to hide.  Noah's clinching grip on my hands, another non-verbal cue, told me he was in extreme pain.  Yet from the very beginning, his gentle giant nature came through.  He never complained, never snapped as the throbbing injury became more than he could bear. 

In fact, he was just the opposite.  Noah was concerned about us, about the family having to change plans, fearing he had ruined our vacation within moments.  Immediately he began to apologize, as Tim and I were punching in the nearest hospital into our GPS.

Do everything without grumbling or arguing - Philippians 2:14
Hours at the ER, he again never voiced a complaint.  Waiting at the pharmacy, driving past the sea for our final good-bye as the sun set - instead of the toes in the sand way we'd hoped for, skipping dinner, getting stuck in downtown traffic, trying to detour, never finding a restaurant as we pulled into the house deep into the evening, having to climb a gigantic set of steps to enter the house in crutches, not having a bedroom to retreat to, as his bed was an air mattress in the living room floor. 

Dinner wasn't delivered until 10:30 or so and I know he was a mixture of famished, hurting and exhausted, but he cheerfully ate, thanking us for the burger.  Without hesitation he asked for his mattress, expecting to climb down into the floor because that's just how he is.  It took a lot of urging to get him into our bed, as he didn't want either of us on the couch or the floor.  We ended the night in prayer, thankful his injury wasn't more severe, reminding ourselves of all the blessings we had from the week.

The next morning he was pouty, not because of his pain, but because he couldn't help us pack and load.  He felt helpless and guilty for booting Tina out of her seat in the back.  Needing to stretch his leg and elevate it as much as one could for the 12 hour ride, she was stuffed into the van with the rest of our family. 
Such a long ride, as my muscles longed to stretch and find rest, yet he never commented about his uncomfortable setting. 

From the beginning, he was determined to do things on his own.  We have to catch him moving or predict his needs, or we'll find him juggling crutches and a glass of milk.  Fitted with a boot yesterday, he found novelty in the air pump, instead of complaining of the itchy compression and pain.  I can list so many inconveniences he'll face the next two month - from starting school, navigating the bus and halls, his summer coming to halting end and plans being cancelled or postponed, to the upcoming therapy he's sure to endure as he heals. 
But my boy just smiles and takes each day with grace.  And as he's done so much in life, he teaches this joy-seeking momma lessons again and again.


"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous!
Do not tremble or be dismayed,
for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."
- Joshua 1:9

Praising God for the good news of no surgery on Noah's foot! 
Heal quick, sweet boy.


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