Saturday, October 12, 2013

Faithful Friday: Fall Fotos

You'd think having a week off would allow me to write a FF post on time...

I'd say I was sorry but from the start of this blessed vacation I decided to live in the moment.
Be spontaneous.  Make the most it.

Usually fall break is a mix of productivity and relaxation.  I normally deep clean, swap out the closets for cooler weather, and begin sprucing up the house for fall. 

My closet at least got weeded out.  The kids rooms got cleaned (by them!).  We did pull out what was salvageable for fall decor.  And the deep cleaning...well, I decided that would be a good "productive" project for unemployment.

Although we never did make it out with my kids to do some fall photos, I did get to spend an afternoon with three of my favorite littles.  Capturing the essence of these sweeties is never an easy task but thanks to my sister and momma, as well as prop master Noah, we made it through.

And have this to show for it...

and this...

and these sweet spots you just wanna kiss...

and these...
three kids all cooperating at once....puhleez!

Miss Rae was having NO part of this basket.
And she "kicked" Allen, 
which he later told me was the reason he didn't want to pose like that again.

Through the tantrums, posings, juggling, outfit changes, breaks for snacks, 
and all the cute chaos in between, 
we caught more than a few extra special moments.  

Snapshots in time of the blessings and JOY these babies are.


  "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above." James 1:17


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