Monday, October 7, 2013

Mini Vaca

What a glorious weekend we had!

Tim wasn't able to take off for fall break, as we'd originally planned, so, as we do, it was time to make the best of the situation.  We had two open days this weekend to soak up some fall fun so we took off for a mini vacation.

Even though we were escaping just an hour from home, we got up early on Saturday morning, just as most vacations begin and went out for pancakes.  As we left the house, it was pouring rain but I was determined not to let it dampen our plans.  

On the way to the orchard, God opened up the skies to beautiful sunshine.

Though Jackson's has been an annual tradition in our family, life had kept us away the past couple of years.  I wondered if the kids would enjoy the activities, now that they are teens.  But they jumped right in and soaked up everything the season had to offer.

Both were excited to try the "tire" and roll down the hill.  We got a laugh at Tina's attempt to push Noah, who is more than twice her size, and Noah's long limbs, which had a difficult time staying inside the tube.  They ended up tossed out, sprawled across the grass, and giggling in the end.

Hayride...corn rides....
giant cream and a basket of apples to go.
Sprinkled with lots of laughter and family time.
And we finished before the rain decided to return!

 True to vacation fashion, we spent the night in a hotel.  The kids were giddy to explore, "work out" in the exercise room, splash in the pool, and nibble on free popcorn and drinks.  
We chuckled at their amusement of the mini blow dryer and in room frig.
It's the little things...

Tim and I were hugged by the extra appearances of yellow butterflies, 
including the one that rode along for the hayride.
And by the fact that our room number both contained #23,
and the numbers added to 14, a sure hello from our boy.

Though we weren't gone even a full 48 hours, 
it was enough time to unplug and reconnect.  
So many times throughout the simple weekend, 
I found myself pausing in gratefulness, 
thanking God just simply for the time.

And that's just what I plan to make the most of this fall break week. 


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