Monday, October 21, 2013

Hodgepodge Joy

Mini moments of JOY this week...

Driving in the rain to Bowling Green and taking in the beauty of the changing trees.  Against the raindrops, the landscape appeared like a life-size watercolor, still wet from the artist's brush.

Lunch with my momma, sister, and the sweetest itty baby I know.

An impromptu-last-minute-oh-yea-I-forgot-school-project at the end of a long work day.  Rushing to the store before they closed.  Tina and I spying the perfect outfit for her zombie costume at just the right moment.  Trying it on as they shut off lights and begin their close down routine.  Watching the glee and excitement from her and she jumped to the car, in the car, and at the house from our find.

A beautiful hunter's moon against a field of cornstalks.

Taking advantage of in between taxi services for our kiddos to enjoy a mini date downtown.  Strolling through the food booths.  Making two loops to decide on our orders.  Dinner for less than $10!  Tunes and people watching from a park bench. 

yellow mums.

Two new to us recipes that were big successes.  "Repeat worthy" as the family says. 
Here's one of them. You're welcome.

Laughing beyond comprehension over nothing at all with my boy.  Uncontrollable.  Side splitting.
Oh, the joy to see him smile...

Seeing all the littles at the park.  Beautiful fall weather.  Slides, giggles, and ice cream.

Lifegroup at the barn.  First bonfire of the season.  Friendships.

*For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, yes, I yet again failed to post a FF last week.  I posted a rewind favorite for my FB friends but you can walk down memory lane anytime here.


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