Friday, January 17, 2014

Faithful Friday: Blessed Assurance

Oh, how I have missed you all...

It's been a busy, topsy-turvy, two weeks.  Many joyful moments, of which I've failed to share.  And a few scary, uncertain ones as well.

My birthday was spent at the ER with Tim, complications with his injuries.  He's had a tough patch since being hurt at a house fire on Christmas.  How timely it was that I've been reading, "Praying for your Husband from Head to Toe," although I didn't know I'd be so focused on this foot!  And although it has been an ordeal, we were overjoyed to have him finally get to see a specialist today.  He still has a bit more healing to do but, step by step, he's making it through.

I've survived week two of my new job and it has been filled with blessings.  One of the most positive changes, no surprise, has been the Christian influence that surrounds me.  There is nothing quite like having weekly prayer requests come across my inbox.  This past week's ended so beautifully, I've shared it with many and wanted to post it here as well:

"Loving God, be merciful to those who are suffering
and also those you have called to eternal life. 
Give refreshment, rest, and peace to all whose faith is known to you alone. 
 Grant a peaceful waiting to those who have entered a period of healing. Amen."

This morning, I awoke to a 5 am text, knowing that meant school was closed due to snow.  After checking the weather and news though, I realized my own campus would remain open.  Anxiety quickly settled in, thinking of my hour commute. 

I despise driving in snow. Or even walking in it. It scares me.  And, coming from a career where the majority of the time I could work from home on snowy days, I have little practice doing so.

Nervous, I entered the shower, hoping the hot water would wash away my worries.  Tim, knowing my fears, offered to ride over with me as I was getting ready.  Both planning to drive over today anyway, he thought it'd be good practice for me.  Yet another ray of sunshine in the midst of the storm.

Before we headed out, I paused to read my devotion. 
And it had just the God-wink I needed to ease my concerns...

 "I asked the Lord for help, and he saved me from all my fears.
If you honor the Lord, his angel will protect you."  Psalm 34:4
Remember my "one word for 2014?" - ASSURANCE!

Having Tim in the passenger seat to calm me helped too.  As did the fact that, for the most part, the roads were relatively clear.  But here's hoping for an early spring!

It's good to be back, friends.  Have a JOY-filled weekend!!


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