Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Word 2014: Assured

While every year is filled with unknowns, 2014 is a fresh new chapter for my life.  Much like the calendar hanging on our pantry door, this year is full of blanks, yet to be decided.

I start a new job next Monday, after spending most of my adult life in the same career.  With so many years of knowing what to expect, I'm much like a nervous girl on the first day of school.  The humor here is that I'll be working at a local college. 

And while I enjoy change, there are uncertainties, which make this planner girl a bit apprehensive.  There's changes in budgets and insurance and everything I've grown accustomed to the past decade or so.  The unknown can be exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking.

Tim's year has started a bit unsure as well.  Being injured on Christmas day is surely not the way we'd planned to spend our holidays.  And we've quickly discovered it is about the worst possible time to need a doctor!  As of this point, nearly two weeks after, we still have no answers on his foot.  His doctor doesn't return from vacation until Monday and, with the approaching winter storm, we're looking a few more days before he knows his next step.

For now, his steps are still painful.  This morning his pain was about at the level of the initial injury.  Add to that his frustration with being still and not being able to do, help, or move around, has clouded his new year.  I know he'll be glad to just have clarity of what the future holds.

Don't we all wish for that?  As we approach a new year, don't we wish for a sneak peek of what it holds?  Or some assurance that the months to be hold promise, hope, and even joy?

If the year before was less than perfect, maybe we find ourselves hoping for a better 2014.  Stress free, no storms, sunshiny days.  Wouldn't that just be grand?

Last year, I chose to submit, and selected submission as my word for the year.  It's become clear the theme for this new year is to worry not.  Message after message, God is telling me loud and clear that He's got this and not worry about tomorrow.  Whatever is in store, no matter the storms (or sun), He's by my side.

Sounds easy, but even with all the life lessons I've endured, I still worry.  And I can almost imagine God shaking his head as he sends me another reminder.  This week alone, I've seen Luke 12:27-28 as a reminder to have faith.  And Psalm 31:3 to remember he is my rock and will guide me.  Or, Jeremiah 29:11, which I just happened to put on our family calendar for January. And today, another perfect reflection of keeping my eyes on him even in the midst of a storm.

Excerpt from "Whispers of Hope" by Beth Moore devotional -

Matthew 14:22-33 We can be smack in the center of God's will and still go through terrible storms. Christ loved his disciples with all his heart but still "made" them get into the boat when He knew a storm was coming. They were exactly where they were supposed to be and still experienced frightening turbulence.

Can you relate to the disciples? Have you experienced a time when you knew you where God wanted you to be, but the storms were overwhelming?

Christ calls us to walk by faith through our storms. It seems like a big requirement until we realize Christ does far more than that--He walks on water during our storms. God has placed all things under Christ's feet--including the waves that break relentlessly against us. .....We want Christ to hurry and calm the storm. He wants us to find him in the midst of it first.

Again and again, God is whispering - and sometimes even shouting to not worry about rest assured.  And so it is only fitting that be my word to focus on this year be - Assurance.

Looking ahead to 2014 with assurance,
 in He who holds my future!


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