Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sharp Dressed Man

The night before graduation I called Noah on my way home to see if he was ready for his chiropractor appointment.

"Yea, and Mom....what do you think about stopping and buying a suit on the way home."

A suit?  From the boy who thinks shorts, a muscle T, and a baseball cap are appropriate attire for just about anywhere?  Who wears shorts literally 365 days out of the year, if he can get away with it?

A suit!

I chuckled and honked, signaling I was in the drive.  In record time we needed to make three stops now, two of which he just sprung on me.  First to the barber, to get his curly hair trimmed back before the big day.  Fully thankful he was trimming the fuzz ball that was growing on head, but wondering how I'd cram this unexpected trip in before his chiropractor closed.

Normally, I wait in the car.  It is after all a room full of testosterone.  This time though he tossed me that puppy dog face that gets all things and asked if I were coming in.

The fact that I know someday he'll not want Mom to accompany him to trips like this and because I was already welling up thinking about graduation, I agreed.  Entering the shop, I got my usual, "Hey Sis!" from the owner and settled in between auto magazines and sweaty guys and fidgeting boys.

Our next stop was a late stop to his chiro, where I slid into the parking lot on two wheels.  I despise being late.  If I'm on time, I'm late.  And this time, I was ten minutes late, even though we called.

From the lobby I can hear Noah replaying my interactions with his doctor.

"Mom was freaking out because we were late.  Fr-eak-ing out...."

I chuckled again.  This kid.  I love him.

And last, but certainly not least, the new store in town that sells, of all things, suits.  He heads for the tux ordering booklet and I sweetly explain that is for another milestone down the road.  We turn to the row of suits, and he spies the price tags.

"Are you kidding me?  Just for a coat!?," backing away he says, "It's ok Mom, I can just wear my Easter shirt."

Because I know how hot-natured my son is and that he seems to grow an inch or two a year, I was somewhat thankful he was reconsidering the idea.  But I did want to treat him to a new dress shirt.  Again, this boy's boy does not change out of his joke attire willingly.  So this momma was taking full advantage of playing dress up with her sweet son.

Pointing out a few shirts, I mentioned not knowing his neck size.  Strange looks came from his face signaling he had no clue you bought dress shirts this way.  Smiling, I had him try one on but it wouldn't attempt to close around his giant throat.  As I looked for a bigger size, he spied a tie.

"If I can't do a suit Mom, I should wear a tie.  I feel like really dressing up tomorrow," he says swinging the black and white spotted fabric.

"Sure," I tell him, "We can do a tie."  And I hand him a bigger size to slip on.  This one fits!

Those pesky water holes begin to fill on my face and I scrunch up my nose, then make a quick joke to help them subside.  My word, he looks so handsome.  And so grown-up.  My baby....

As he slings the tie around his neck he spies the price tag and again offers to leave it behind.  I point out that it's 1/2 off today and this deal-shopping momma has a coupon on her phone.  We can do this.

And I'm so glad we did.  Because this young man is a heart breaker in a tie.


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