Friday, September 26, 2014

Faithful Friday: I'll Take You There

Oh, what a glorious day!

I've had the privilege to be out and about every day this week.  The drives have been absolutely beautiful.  Each time I walk outside, my lungs deeply inhale, almost effortlessly, because my entire body and soul just wants to soak. up. every. ounce. of Autumn.

Today, has been a picture perfect fall day.  
Sunshine with a cool breeze.  
Blue skies and fluffy clouds contrasted against amber fields.  
Tunes on the radio singing, "I'll take you there."  
And I was grateful for where I was in each moment of this day.

My eyes yearned to look on both sides instead of the road ahead of me, 
each view more wonderful than the last.  

Perhaps, because of  my busy week, the peacefulness of outdoors called to me.

But, there's healing, I think, 
when you're surrounded by God's beautiful landscapes.

With my head hanging out the window, soaking up all splendor of fall, I lifted up praise to Him for creating such views.  As my eyes would scan the patchwork terrain, my thoughts would wonder how majestic Heaven must be.  

If earth is even a fraction of what awaits....

I know a place, ya'all
(I'll take you there)
Ain't nobody cryin'
(I'll take you there)
Ain't nobody worried
(I'll take you there)

Let me take you there
(I'll take you there)


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