Friday, September 12, 2014

Faithful Friday: Let it Shine

I have a confession to make....

Sometimes this little blog gets jealous.

When visiting other blogs, with their flashy pages, professional layouts, and thousands of followers, it sometimes makes me doubt.

And I wonder, why do I even still try?

Does anyone really read these posts (besides my Mom)?
Am I making a difference?

Sure, I can view this blog's stats and witness how it has grown the past few years.  Yes, I can see visible progress as my own skills have improved.  And thankfully, there are a few loyal readers who still make time to comment now and then.

But, am I really, truly spreading JOY around?

Pondering this, I recalled how this little blog even began.

It was from a get-out-of-the-bed moment that God jolted me with in the middle of the night.  I'd been pouring out my soul on Austin's memorial blog, often too dark and deep for many to keep reading. Those who did would often say, "Are you ok?" after a particularly difficult post.  But spilling out those words helped heal my broken heart.

With more than His usual whisper, He strongly nudged me that night to the computer screen and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the beginning, it was still for and about me.  An online journal to channel my grief, but with a growing urgency to do more, say more, share more.  I was on a journey to find joy and knew God would take me there.  At some point, it became less about my healing process and more about sharing the work God did through me, in hopes that it would help others.

That remains the goal for this blog today.  When I write, there is someone out there in mind. I may have never met you, I don't even know your name.  But God puts these words in my head and on my heart so I type them out.  To you.

Prayerfully, my wish is that they reach you.  And in some small, little way, help.

Maybe a post can bring a smile to you on a gloomy day.  Perhaps God uses a particular scripture to speak to you, through me.  Sometimes, by chance, might you giggle at a silly thing I say.  And in the midst of your journey on this earth, even in the darkest of valleys, you see that joy does still exist.

In the deepest of dark, light still remains.

So, whether there are four readers - or four thousand, I will keep writing.  Keep sharing.  Keep Shining.  And most certainly, keep spreading the joy...

This little blog still has work to do.

Humbly His


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