Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blair's Bistro

What a beautiful spring day! The sky has mesmerized me from sunrise to sunset, from a quilt-like white canvas in the morning to an evening view of pink cotton candy puffs. Each hour the weather seemed to grow a little warmer, and by late afternoon, the deck was calling out to me. I love this time of year and all the sounds and smells that go with it. Sitting on the deck, I took in the hum of lawnmowers, followed by the aroma of freshly cut grass and wild onions.

Although I could've lingered there for hours, hunger began calling. As this was Tim's "Friday," though only a Wednesday, I decided to surprise him with a steak dinner and the cherry on top was serving it outside. He came home to robust scent of charred sirloins and the warm earthiness of baked potatoes. With music floating through the air, the three of us soaked up the last of the sunlight while enjoying our meals.

When they complimented the chef, I couldn't help but point out what a meal like this would've cost if we'd gone out. Not to mention the drive, the wait, and the potential for bad service. Instead we ate bargain beef that I grabbed up on a quick sale and our total tab ended up being less than a ten spot for the three of us! Plus, there were tidbits and goodies to share with Patch, who was ever-circling our feet.

What you can't put a price tag on was the quality time together and the atmosphere. Our evening was filled with laughter and discussion of plans for spring. It was relaxing, comforting, and uplifting. One of the best meals I've had in weeks...and it had nothing to do with what was on the menu.


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