Saturday, April 9, 2011

Noah's First Job

Late yesterday afternoon, Noah comes inside from mowing and asks for my help at the computer.  "I need to make a poster on this thing so I can get a job," he informs me.  With a smile, I sit down at the desk and reply, "Ok, how can I help?"

Noah then instructs me to type in big bold letters at the top, "WILL MOW YOUR YARD FOR $15" and then jump down to the bottom and put my phone number.  His secretary obliges.  I offer the suggestion of adding a clip art mower in the center of the page.  "That would be awesome!" he said.  And so I set to work to creating his, flyer.  When I finished, he asked for 10 copies, as that is the number of homes he's counted in our neighborhood which could be potential customers.

No sooner than the tenth page printed, he grabbed the stack and was out the door.  Moments later he returns with a smile on his face.  "I've got my first customer!" he exclaimed, bouncing into the room.  "She said I could mow it now or wait until tomorrow."  As dinner was ready and the sun was setting, we opted for him to wait until today.

The rain we had this morning put a little damper on his work plans but soon the sun was out and Noah was open for business.  He went over all the basics, steps and safety reminders with Tim, including a sampling of his weed eating skills, before "driving" to his job, courtesy of the mower.  Awhile later, he came in with the mail and yet another smile, explaining that he would be making $5 extra dollars because she wanted her yard mowed in a special pattern. 

Wile on a cooling off and water break, he got a call from the neighbor.  Holding is hand up, I guess to keep me quiet, he mouthed, "it's my customer."  I'm not sure if she was checking to see if he was finished or what but I let him have his privacy.  Moments later she was in the driveway to pay him, he said because she had to leave for the day.  With the biggest smile of all, he strutted into the room, holding up a crisp $20 bill.  The picture says it all.....

Of course, after a hug and "I'm so proud of you" moment, I reminded him to get back out there and finish the job!  But I am proud of him.  And, I'm sure his big brother is smiling down on him today, happy to see him following in his footsteps.


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