Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a Song

I don't remember which came first, Guitar Hero or Austin's love of Classic Rock.  As it is one of my favorite genres, he was exposed to it from a very early age.  I just don't think he found the appreciation for those songs until he learned to alternate his fingers with the red, yellow, green and other keys on the game.

I bought him the Guitar Hero game soon after it came out and admitted even then it was a little bit for selfish reasons.  Jamming to my favorite songs while rocking out and playing a guitar?  Count me in!  What I didn't know though was how much we would bond over playing together.  And for that, the game will always hold a very special place in my heart.

We spent hours strumming to those classic hits and Austin was always amazed when I did well.  After a few practices, I began beating him - and his friends when they'd come over, which shocked them all.  We had so much fun with the game that I ended up buying Rock Band so Noah could join in the fun.  The Partridge family had nothing on us, because of course, we were much cooler and did not wear matching outfits.  With Austin on the drums, Noah at the mic, and mom rocking the guitar in the background, we'd jam into the night.

This week, I've found myself listening to classic rock more often, as my normal christian station is doing a pledge drive.  What I love and treasure now is that when I hear one of those songs on the radio, I am taken back to those times with Austin.  If I catch a few lines of "The Joker" or "Living on a Prayer" or "Sweet Child of Mine" it is as if I'm right back in his bedroom, playing alongside him.  I can feel the guitar in my hands, imagine which keys to play next, and see his beautiful smile when we powered through a song. 

Songs I've always enjoyed, just for the beat or history, now all have added special memories.  Now, those songs connect me to Austin.  As I listen to them, I can picture him next to me in the truck, nodding his head with the beat, reaching to up the volume just a few notches more.  ...And the best part is knowing that those memories are always just a song away.


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