Friday, April 1, 2011

Hightech Redneck?

When I started this blog last summer, I never dreamed or expected the response I would get.  Honestly, I'd found so much comfort in writing on Austin's memorial blog that it just seemed the natural progression.  Writing has always been therapeutic for me and it is the way I express myself best.

What I didn't expect was the growth this blog would receive and how far this little virtual diary would reach.  I have readers throughout the US and Canada, but also places like Russia, Germany, Belize and even China.  I've received such wonderful feedback on certain posts from people I never imagined would take the time to read - and from strangers.  It's a blessing, an honor, and it's what has kept me writing, even on days I didn't think I could.  This "challenge" has become so much more than I ever thought possible.

Aside from writing, which is my favorite thing about having a blog, I also enjoy dabbling in the tech side of things.  I feel like it keeps my toes wet in this ever changing high tech world.  Although I have a degree in computer science, it has been so long ago that the programs I "specialized" in are now extinct....we're talking DOS, folks!  But I've always challenged myself to keep up with the changes because I just can't be the grandma who doesn't know what "smart phone" or "social networking" means, or whatever is invented by the time I reach that phase of my life.

I read a lot of other blogs and always notice things about their page or ways they promote it.  Having no training on this, it really forces me to roll up my sleeves, research it, and self teach on any subject I'm interested in learning about.  For the past couple of weeks, I've wanted to create a button for my blog.  Over time, if the blog grows, it is something that others can use to grab and share.  I've also noticed several blogs joining Facebook, as a way to reach more readers or a way to share thoughts when they're not really big enough for a post.  Happily, I've accomplished both of these this week.

Now, I do not at all have the knowledge or software to create a professional button but I'm pretty pleased with the results of my first attempt.  Mostly, I'm proud that I was able to figure out the html-jargon to add it to my blog.  It's still bigger than I wanted, but for now, it's on there.  (Guess I just have some more schooling to do!)

And, if you're a reader and a Facebook user, I encourage you to check out and "like" the page.  My hope is to include daily mini doses of joy, especially for the days I don't have time to write a full post.  Because really, everybody needs a little sunshine in their day!


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