Friday, June 22, 2012

Faithful Friday: Love Never Fails

An annual anniversary tradition, the black videotape was dusted off last night so we could relive our wedding.  Watching those fresh, young faces so full of nervous love, I wondered if we realized the depth of the vows recited to each other.

I remember having a conversation about it, because I chose to remove the word obey from our ceremony.  It just didn't convey the partnership that we had.  In fact, we chose to go another non-traditional route, having Tim meet me halfway down the aisle.  I joined him and walked together, symbolizing that we would always meet each other halfway in our marriage.

Listening to those soft and youthful voices, I caught a verse that I didn't really remember from our wedding.

"Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God."
-Ruth 1:16

I don't recall selecting this verse, so it was more than likely the preacher, but I felt it fit our relationship perfectly.  Tim married a stubbornly independent, opinionated girl but, through love and patience, we've both learned to bend and move as needed.  Two became one.

We've gone places in our marriage we never expected - good and bad.  Nineteen years later, neither of us sleeps well or is happy when we're apart.  I want to stay wherever Tim is.  Though we both brought an eclectic group of wacky family members to our marriage, we've accepted them all with open arms.  I'm sure we didn't truly consider the symbolism of each of us hugging the other mother and handing her a rose all those years ago, but it's how we've remained.  And God has been the foundation on which our marriage was built, has rested, and continues to be held.  He is most certainly our glue.

Prior to our video viewing, we were treated to a dinner under the stars at a quaint little table that was mere steps from our doorway.  Our back deck once again became Blair's Bistro, but a welcome surprise was that we were waited on by our sweet boy.  I don't know many twelve year old boys who willing would want to participate in an evening of romance.  Most would run screaming the other direction.  But our Noah never ceases to amaze us and the manners, service and loving touches he added made the night extra special.

Although I cooked our meal, once my chef hat was removed, I was whisked away to a reserved seat outside.  "Ma'am what would you like to drink tonight?" I was asked.  Moments later a chilled diet Dr. Pepper in our fanciest glass appeared at my side.  As if practiced for weeks, candles were lit, cloth napkins (aka dish towels) were placed on our laps, and soft music filled the air. 

We were then informed of the solo special that was promptly served to us, velvety ribbons of pasta in a cream sauce with jumbo shrimp and a side of crusty garlic bread.

In perfect timing, our dessert menu was later produced, with a choice of elegant cupcakes.  I was tickled that he took an extra step to place them in glass serving bowls.

We were able to take that photo because this restaurant allowed us to "rent" a camera to capture the evening.  Our waiter was even kind enough to take a few memento shots for us.  He then politely instructed us to retire to the theatre for a video and surprise.  After watching our wedding, we were handed two Wii remotes as the tune from Super Mario played in the background.  Recreating our first kiss, we giggled like teens in love, challenging each other to a game.

What a beautiful, blessed anniversary it was.
And I'm looking forward to each and every one to come.


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