Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gentle Giant's Big Game

When Noah's coach texted, "We have something fun planned for the kids tonight" I wasn't sure what to expect.  Whatever I thought was nothing compared to the game we had.

The night was interesting from the moment Noah entered the dugout.  A new kid was there, obviously covering for one of ours who would be out.  He looked up the mile long stretch that is Noah, mouth gaping open.

Gulping, another kid nudged him saying, "Don't worry about him he's the Gentle Giant.  Noah's scary on the outside, soft on the inside."  Yep.  That's my sweet boy!

The smaller kid now at ease, they said hellos and set to warming up.

During the second inning, the coach told Noah to take first base.  Noah did a double take, questioning him with his eyes.  "Coach 1st base, Blair."  And so he did, with a giant grin on his face.

Later he would also play first base, another first for the season. 

By the fourth inning, Coach threw the curve ball.  "Blair take the pitcher's mound!"  We all stopped and took a long pause glance between Noah and the coach.  Once we realized he wasn't joking, he hustled to the mound. 

Noah hid his emotions fairly well, after the initial disbelief.  I did manage to catch his smile, as he glanced down in his glove before his first pitch, probably pinching himself.

"Just like we practice at home!" shouted Dad. 

Someone from the crowd yelled, "You can do it Blair!"

And the rest of our family joined in building him up for his big debut.

He readied himself. 
Part intimidation.  Part gaining confidence.
His red face told Mom he was beyond nervous though.

Sucking in a big breath of confidence,
he threw.

The rest of his pitches were a good mix of balls and strikes. 

With bases loaded the pressure was on.  Only one more out needed.
Another big breath that I don't think he ever let out.
Last pitch and.....
Inning over, Whew!

Once back in the dugout and a chance to compose himself, I could tell that he was beyond happy.
And so were we.

It was a magical evening of firsts, smiles, cheers and memories.
What a game, what a night!


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