Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Plan B

I was disappointed last night.  Noah's ballgame was cancelled. 

I feared it at 2:30 when the skies opened up and dumped a torrential downpour in the yard.  I waited for the text as lightning flashed through the room.  While my itty bitty dog quivered under the covers from the thunder, I resigned myself to the fact that a cancellation was inevitable. 

Within the hour though the sun was shining again.  Birds chirping.  And although clouds lingered, no text arrived.  The game was still on!

We waited until the last minute to dress, just in the off chance the text might arrive late.  Receiving none, we headed for the ballpark decked out Phillies-style.  Juggling my normal array of lawn chairs, coolers, bat bags and bug spray, I felt a text buzz in my pocket.  I assumed it was Mom, knowing she was planning to come.

Dumping the collection with a sigh, after the careful walk to step only on gravel at the now muddy ballpark, I reached for my phone.  "30 minute delay to check the storms"  Great.  Considering we already arrive 30 minutes before the game for warm-up, this now means we'll be here an hour.  Waiting.  I send a quick text to Mom & my hubby, knowing he's rushing at work to make it anyway.

I settle in to my comfy chair while watching Noah play games with rocks.  He may be a strapping big guy but in his heart he is still the sweet, energetic little boy that could entertain himself for hours.  We're enjoying making bets whether or not his rock will hit the trash can, make it through a certain hole on the fence, etc when I notice a flurry of activity on the other side.  People are packing up.  My phone buzzes.  "Games are cancelled, rescheduled for tomorrow"  My heart sinks. 

This is his last week of games and I haven't missed a one.  Knowing I have a prior commitment the exact same time as his game deflates me.  And I can see it does him as well. 

I'm also disappointed because my family was coming to see him play and, as much as I love to watch Noah in a game, I was also looking forward to spending time with them.  I call Mom, wondering how close she is, to tell her the news.  She's very close and I feel terrible they've made the trip only to turn around.  But instead she says, "We'll just come to your house!"

My spirits are somewhat lifted, though I still can't shake the thought of missing his game.  We head home though and I set to cooking dinner for all of us.

Instantly my mood shifts, all busyness, comfort and chaos that comes when family gets together.  We're picking on each other, laughing, and the entire group moves from kitchen to deck, as I multi-task our meal.  At some point someone mentions hair, and for whatever reason my little sister decides to don the scissors.  She sets to cutting Tina's hair -in a super cute short and sassy style I've been begging her to try since she's been with us.  To my surprise Noah asks to be next.  (Noah is normally pretty picky w/his hair, telling me once when he was little I couldn't cut it because he 'wanted someone real to do it')  We get an even bigger shocker when he asks for the buzzer and goes really short, especially for him.  But they look great in the end and it saves me some money, so happy smiles all around!

Everyone gathers in the living room, bellies full and the hour of the evening soaking in.  One silly thing leads to another and we are soon rolling in the floor with laughter.  Big belly laughs.  Snorts.  Tears of joy.  I love that about family.  When you can't even describe why you're laughing or recall what was said that is so amusing.  Just being together and enjoying each other.  What a wonderful, unexpected, unplanned night!


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