Saturday, September 15, 2012

Faithful Friday: Belated Joy

You have filled my heart with great joy. - Psalm 4:7

Yesterday's post just wasn't possible on time.  We had company and I wanted to soak up the sweetness. 

Tired from a full week of school, she was extra snuggly and wanted to cuddle on the coach with "Aunt Header" so I had no extra room for a laptop or time to write a post.

Bryanna has been patiently waiting to spend the night with us for several weeks.  Tim's back has postponed her plans, and though he's still not fully healed, we knew she was good medicine.

That little ray of sunshine has been a blessing for my heart from the moment she arrived.  Hard to imagine it has been five years...

What I remember from her birth is that Austin was upset he couldn't go with me.  It was a school night and honestly at the time I thought he just wanted to play hookie.  From the first moment he held her however, it was obvious there was a connection.

The two were always together, both searching each other out at family gatherings.  Unlike with others, Bryanna never cried when Austin was holding her.  In fact, he calmed her.  And he seemed at ease with her as well.

She loved her "Aww-wa" and he loved his Baby Bry.  I loved how their faces would light up at seeing each other. 

It surprised me somewhat, Austin being a teenager.  He wanted to be with her though, never hesitated in caring for her and most certainly watched over as she grew.

I'm most certain he would've been a part of all the milestones of her life.  Sadly he only got to be here for a few, at least in physical form. 
But he's definitely holding and protecting her, no doubt she has her own special guardian angel to carry her through this world.

One of the many photos on Austin's phone of them, taken by him Thanksgiving weekend. 
 Sometimes looking at her reminds me of Austin.  It takes me back to those early days and I can't help but get teary eyed, wishing they had more time together.  That we all did...

Yet I'm also reminded of how healing she has been for me.  it's impossible to stay anything but joyful whenever she's around.  Full of sass and sparkle, there is never a dull moment around the child.  Her blue eyes have a way of making your heart melt, all the while laughing from her scrunched up nose or attitude that goes with it.

Bryanna has most certainly brought much happiness into our lives, even on days we didn't believe possible.  She has a way of lighting up the room and loading it with JOY.  The past five years have been a blessing with her here and I'm grateful to her momma for sharing her with us. She's never hesitated in letting her stay with us, even on special days like today.

Our just another Saturday has become a birthday princess extravaganza....with super soft snuggles and pillow talk, sugary kisses from a sticky pancake and bacon breakfast, giggles during hide-n-seek, quiet time on the couch just taking in how much she's changed, measuring tiny fingers to see if they've caught up with my hand now that's she the big 5, and many more simple, yet extra special moments.  I could go on and on, but then I'm afraid I'd miss out on even more.  Besides, we still have a full schedule of cheer leading, presents, a party and of course, a Hello Kitty cake to enjoy today!

May your Saturday be as sweet....


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