Monday, September 10, 2012

Savoring September

Part of me can hardly believe September is already here.  It seems like the month is nearly half over and I find myself grabbing both sides of the calendar and holding on. 

This is the start of my favorite time of the year, followed of course by the most difficult part of the year.  Avoiding November, I tend to focus strongly on every tiny morsel of joy that comes my way.
Make the most of the moments you love.

This weekend was filled with some pretty sweet ones...

Sleeping with the windows open
and waking to misty rain.
Between the crickets at night and the
clean scent of dewy morning air...Ahhh!

The start of fall festivals!!
We took in two this past weekend
- a new and an old, filled with
Carnival food
Free Music
Arts & Crafts
Did I mention the food!? 
Deep Fried Oreos...Loaded Pork Nachos....Sweet Tea
 Oh, My!

Insert "Awwwww" here
Meeting (and holding) our great-nephew, Liam Jude
My arm went numb from holding him but who really cares...
and oh, how I wish you could bottle that new sweet baby scent!

Blessed to be able to go back.  How I've missed worship.
So thankful to have Tim beside me.
He probably didn't really feel like it,
but we returned again that night
for BBQ, friends and fireworks.

Salted Caramel Gelato.
My first gelato
and I must say,
if salted caramel is the only
gelato I ever get to try,
how lucky am I!

And then this happy little box

was waiting on my doorstep
as I arrived home.
My Starbucks gift pack from the
I won had arrived!

...Just in time for Pumpkin Spice Latte season.
Mmm...helps me savor September even more.

What's your favorite part of this season?


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