Friday, November 16, 2012

Faithful Friday: Love in a Shoebox

How can a shoebox give hope?  When it is packed with goodies, sent with love, and includes the best gift ever - the message of Jesus!

Mark 16:15 “Then he told them: Go and preach the good news to everyone in the world.”

We've decided to donate through Operation Christmas Child in memory of Austin, as one of the many acts of kindness we'll do this month.  It's an added blessing that our church is partcipating so it makes sending the shoeboes even easier.

The kids and I have been packing our shoesboxes over the past couple days.  Well, techinically they aren't shoe boxes, they are plastic containers with lids around the same size.  We thought they might be more useful to the child receving and durable to hold their treasures.

I've been touched by how excited they have been to do it and the serious conversations we've had around the table.  As they put in flashlights, we discussed how many of the children live in a world of darkness - both literally and figuratviely.  And although the gospel is shared with each child who receives a box, the kids wanted to include items within and on their box declaring the love of Jesus.  We've prayed about the kids who, within weeks will open these boxes of hope.

Originally our kids decided to do teenage boxes, figuring most people would probably buy for younger children.  We enjoyed it so much though that I surprised them tonight with an extra bag of goodies to do for the next age down as well. 
I think we've found an annual tradition and one that I hope to grow next year.  We jumped on too late to make a large impact, but every single box makes a difference.

Want to help?  Click below to learn how to make a shoebox.  Or, if you want to donate online, you can even track where your box ends up.  If you're local and you get it together this weekend, I'll even pick it up and take to church with me Sunday morning.  ....Get packing!  :)

Operation Christmas Child seeks to bring hope
and joy into the life of a child through the shoe box gift, but it doesn’t end there. Operation Christmas Child has worked with the local churches in over 150 countries to make sure that children know that long after the candy is gone and the toys have worn out, God loves them, has not forgotten about them and longs for them to be His children. We share with them a very simple, but profound message of hope, a message that you have probably heard before: John 3:16.


Anna See said...

Awesome! Loved seeing your kids doing this. xo

Heather said...

It was such a blessing. ...and your family was an inspiration - 75 boxes! wow!! Thinking of you all this week.

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