Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving

If you followed this blog last November, you know what the month is for us - a mix of emotions ranging from deep mourning and loss to blessed thankfulness.

November 29 wasn't ever a date I expected to have such significance.  Days after Thanksgiving, it was normally such a happy time for our family.  Now, it is a day laced with painful memories of losing our 14 year old son, Austin.  In fact, the entire month seems somewhat like a countdown to that horrible night.

It's been nearly four years and what we've learned along the way is to focus on the positive.  Remembering what we're thankful for and how much we're blessed, despite this great loss, is how we've survived.  But more than that, it is the launch of the Random Acts of Kindness we do in memory of Austin.

Last year's post explains it more for those of you who are new.  And a recap of the beautiful acts done for Austin here.  And one of my favorite activities last year we're making an annual tradition.  So many wonderful stories of how this simple act of helping others helped us heal.... 
(you can search "acts of kindness" to read more).

As I've done for the past two years, I'll dedicate my Facebook status to something I'm thankful for each day.  This blog will also be focused on thankfulness and we'll sprinkle in stories of the acts of kindness being done.  I hope you'll join us.

Today I'm thankful for... a month dedicated to remembering my son, Austin. 
For the blessed memories...for the 14 years God let us borrow him...
for the random acts of kindness we now do in his memory.

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Anna See said...

BEAUTIFUL! thinking of you this whole month....

Amanda @ Semi-Health Nut said...

Wow this is amazing and heartbreaking! Thanks for linking-up to my 30 Days of Thanks so I could read this! You might have forgotten to link back, though, so here's the link for ya:

I hope this month of thanks will help you heal. :)

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